Rabbits have a rich body language. Rabbits use their body to express a lot of information. An experienced owner may learn to read their rabbit’s signals pretty effectively.

Your rabbit may follow you because he wants your attention. A rabbit that circles your feet may be attempting to grab your attention. However, it’s more probable that your bunny is sexually mature and wooing you.

That is especially true if it is accompanied by soft honking or oinking noises. It may also simply mean that he wants to have fun and play with you.

In this article, we will go through all the possible reasons for your bunny following you around. So, keep reading!

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me?

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me Everywhere?

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me Everywhere?

Your rabbit may be following you everywhere due to the following reasons:

1. Love

Your bunny just behaving like normal pets. Many pets enjoy spending time with their owners.

Your bunny may adore spending time with you. Therefore, it is following you around. If your rabbit follows you about and sits with you, consider yourself lucky.

2. Mating

If you see your bunny honking at you and circling your feet, it is a common mating behavior.

Although you should always get your rabbit spayed or neutered, the circling and following may not cease. Another option is to obtain a rabbit companion for your single bunny.

It’s conceivable that your rabbit gets all of their essential social contact from you. If you’re happy to have them follow you about all day and spend a lot of time interacting with them, this behavior should be fine. However, a bunny companion is nearly always better company for your bunny.

Some rabbits, however, are quite content to live alone.

3. Angry

When your bunny is in a bad mood with you and doesn’t want to tell you, they express it by lingering about.

4. Snooping Around

This is rather frequent with more outgoing rabbits. Rabbits are very curious creatures. Your bunny may follow you around everywhere in order to snoop around.

5. Happy

If you’re holding your bunny’s food, this is more likely to happen. It doesn’t even have to be food, just something that creates a noise that makes your rabbit think it’s food.

When your rabbit is near your feet and believes you have food, be cautious when walking. They’re attempting to trip you up so that they can get their hands on whatever tasty delicacy you’re carrying.

6. Begging

Your rabbit may be attempting to beg for something. Rabbits pick up on when humans are likely to be carrying food fairly rapidly. They may be following you as they want you to feed them.

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me To The Bathroom?

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me To The Bathroom?

Your bunny follows you to the bathroom due to the following reasons:

1. Curiosity

Rabbits are inquisitive creatures who seek to investigate everything they can. If the room is generally locked off or dark when you’re not using it, your rabbit may be following you as an excuse to explore a location it doesn’t frequent. This is most likely why your rabbit followed you to the restroom. He may just hop around in order to check things out.

2. Friend

A rabbit may follow you around in an unobtrusive manner simply to be near you. When you stop walking or sit down, it may flop out close to your feet. This is because he wants you to pat him.

The bathroom is no different for you rabbit as any other room. It may make a fuss if you lock the door while you’re inside since it believes it has a right to know what’s going on. Your bunny doesn’t enjoy being left out.

3. Mating

With an unneutered rabbit, things may get a little more tricky. Rabbits, both male and female, have a high sexual desire. Their impulses are to mate as early and frequently as possible to keep their species alive.

If there are no other rabbits around, a rabbit will try to court and mate with anything. A hormone-driven rabbit will not only follow you around, but will also hop circles around you, grunt or horn excitedly. They may also attempt to climb your leg or foot. This is your rabbit’s courtship effort.

Although the impulses underlying this behaviour are normal, the surroundings are not. As your rabbit becomes more obsessed and agitated, this behaviour may become increasingly difficult to deal with.

In this circumstance, neutering or spaying the rabbit is the best option for everyone. It may take up to six months for your bunny’s hormones to level out and the behaviour to go away following this surgery.

4. Finds Bathroom Interesting

If your rabbit won’t follow you anywhere else but your bathroom, there’s something about the area that it enjoys or wants to learn more about. This isn’t surprising because restrooms have numerous aspects that rabbits find appealing.

Bunnies enjoy hiding. This goes back to their most fundamental impulses once again. They feel comfortable and at ease in a dark hole or corner.

Restrooms contain many of nooks and crannies. Rabbits are drawn to the tiny space behind the toilet or between the sink and the shower.

While many rabbits dislike hard or smooth floors, they may be drawn to a soft or textured bathroom rug. It could take a snooze on the rug or scratch and dig at it.

Rabbits in the wild spend a lot of time burrowing and rummaging among leaves and grass. In their perspective, a soft cloth or rug is the next best thing.

Another reason is that rabbits have a sense of smell that is twenty times more sensitive than ours. They are constantly picking up aromas that humans would miss. Rabbits are attracted to certain of these odors, while others repel them.

Rabbits are naturally drawn to aromas that are associated with food, such as fruity or herbaceous scents. Your rabbit may be drawn to investigate if you have any scents, perfumed soaps and shampoos, or air fresheners in your bathroom.

5. Territorial Expansion

The bathroom is also a place in your house where your rabbit is most likely to pick up on your human fragrance. Your rabbit may be attempting to claim the bathroom as its own if it follows you into the bathroom and urinates on the floor. In other circumstances, just having a litter box in the bathroom is enough to solve the problem.

Some rabbits may be fiercely territorial, and a bunny that attempts to chase you out of the restroom can be rather annoying. If you observe your rabbit marking the room and occasionally grunting or lunging at you while you’re in there, it’s best to put an end to this territorial aggressiveness by removing bunny from the bathroom entirely.

Territorial behaviour can also be controlled by neutering or spaying your rabbit.

6. Food And Attention

Finally, your rabbit may be following you into the restroom because it is hungry. It may simply want to be petted or played with if you’ve been busy or away.

It may need the replenishment of a meal plate. If you run water in the bathroom, your rabbit may notice and understand it is thirsty.

Why Does My Rabbit Follow My Feet?

Why Does My Rabbit Follow My Feet?

If rabbits are not neutered, they may start following their owners’ feet. Grunting and chasing feet are common examples of this behaviour. If there are other rabbits around, this might indicate a territorial quarrel.

The act of a rabbit circling about your feet is known as ‘courting’. If there isn’t another rabbit in the house to court, you could be the rabbit’s only option. This indicates that the rabbit should be spayed or neutered since it is showing signs of mating desire.

You may hear quiet honking or oinking noises as your rabbit begins to circle your feet. If your rabbit is surrounding your feet after being spayed or neutered, it might be an indication that they are looking for something.

If your pet has all of the necessities but is still surrounding your feet, they may be asking for attention. While hormones play a role in this, rabbits may also be motivated by a desire to establish their territory.

Scent glands are located beneath the chin of rabbits. Your rabbit is identifying you as their territory if you notice them rubbing their chin on your foot all the time.

This isn’t hazardous since the scent gland doesn’t produce a scent that humans can detect. It also doesn’t leave any trace of its presence.

A rabbit’s natural tendency is to do this action in a healthy quantity. While having your feet stroked by your pet may make you feel uneasy, this may simply be part of their nature and nothing to be concerned about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Rabbit Thump At Me?

Some rabbits thump for causes other than fear, such as irritation. They’re utilizing the thumps to indicate that they want you to stop doing something, or start doing something. It might be a warning not to pick them up, or it could be a request to snuggle.

What Noise Does A Rabbit Make When Happy?

A rabbit’s clucking sound indicates that they are content with what they are chewing on. A rabbit’s purr signifies that they are glad and content.

Can You Feel A Bunny Purr?

Yes, you can feel a bunny purr. Place your palm on the side of your rabbit’s face if you want to hear him purr. The purr of a rabbit is a gentle teeth grinding that should feel like a vibration coming from the molars. If your rabbit is secure, you’ll notice that it purrs with its eyes half-closed.

Final Words

If your rabbit follows you about, it’s unlikely that it’s doing it malicious. However, encouraging this behaviour isn’t ideal because having rabbits underfoot isn’t always safe.

Yes, rabbits are captivated by precisely the regions we want them to avoid. Their motivations to follow you can be a little perplexing.

Your rabbit may be so loyal to you that being locked out of any area, including the bathroom, causes it to act out. Fortunately, all of these concerns can be resolved with care and attention.

Drop down your queries regarding your bunny’s lifestyle and habits in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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