What’s better than one rabbit? Three of them!! All rabbit moms love their little furry friends. And just like that, you will want more and more of them. But the only question is, can your little bunny accommodate another rabbit and more? 

Rabbits are usually territorial. They don’t love it when someone invades their space. So, can the presence of another furry friend cause any issues? Let’s discuss it all…

Can 3 rabbits live together? Yes! Three rabbits can indeed live together. Rabbits are very sociable animals and would love to have some more friends with them. If left alone they could be stressed or sick, having more rabbits can reduce the chance of it. 

Want to know more about how to have two or more rabbits together? Keep reading!

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Can 3 Rabbits Live Together?

Is It A Good Idea To Have 3 Rabbits?

Is It A Good Idea To Have 3 Rabbits?

It’s no new fact that rabbits are very social animals. They love to have companies. They grow up as a family with many rabbits.

If left alone, they can develop health problems and can feel lonely. Behavioral problems can also be developed if left alone. That’s why it’s a great idea to have more than one rabbit.

Now let us discuss keeping more than one rabbit together…

Wild rabbits live in groups with their families. So it’s only natural that the domestic rabbits can also live in groups. Living in a group aids them in many ways.

Rabbits learn to be more social, it helps with behavioral problems, depression, and more in rabbits. Many research shows that rabbits are the happiest when they live in a group or with other rabbits. 

Rabbits are not meant to live alone. There can be a few symptoms and signs that your rabbits show which means they should be bonded with another furry friend.

Let’s discuss some of those symptoms:

  • Become sluggish and lethargic
  • Hides in their cage 
  • Over scratching things
  • Over-grooming themselves till bald patches come
  • Refusal to eat and drink
  • Constant illnesses 
  • Depression 

Rabbits crave company if you keep noticing more than one of the above symptoms often. Rabbits love to have you giving them full-on attention all the time.

But it’s practically definitely not possible. This is why it’s important to introduce other furry friends to keep company. 

Can 3 Rabbits Bond?

Can 3 Rabbits Bond?

Yes! Three rabbits can bond. It is proven that rabbits are the happiest when they are in a group. This is why you need to introduce your rabbit to other furry friends and have a small furry family. 

Can 3 rabbits bond? Of course yes! Rabbits in the wild always live in a group and are never alone. A group can consist of 10-15 bunnies. Large warrens can be home to 100 individuals or more. This shows us that three or more rabbits can be bonded with no problem. 

While you are trying to get three rabbits, the only thing you have to keep in mind is the space. It’s okay to have as much as rabbits as you need as long as you have the space for them.

However, bonding three rabbits can be a little difficult if you already have a bonded pair but it’s not impossible. 

Commonly in the wild, the male rabbit, bucks is the dominant one and they will have several submissive female rabbits, the does. So if you are considering introducing another bunny to a bonded doe and buck, it is better to get another doe or a female rabbit. 

You have to make sure that you introduce the third rabbit to the bonded rabbits carefully and slowly. You cannot just put the third bunny in the cage and hope for them to bond.

Their couple is jealous of the same-sex rabbits which can cause violent behavior and fighting between the rabbits. That’s why you have to make sure the bonding process is slow and careful. 

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Is It Better To Have 2 Or 3 Rabbits?

It is easier to bond two rabbits than to introduce a bunny to an already bonded rabbit. Though it is difficult, many rabbit owners say that having more than two rabbits can make your bunnies more happier and energetic.

If you introduce the rabbits carefully and slowly without rushing for the bond to form, you can have as much as bunnies as you want to make your furry family. 

How Do You Introduce A Third Bunny?

The key to having the perfect group of bunnies is the introduction process. The introduction should be slow and careful. You should never rush your bunnies to create a bond. 

How Do You Introduce A Third Bunny?

Introducing the third bunny to an already bonded pair is tricky and can be difficult. It can cause the bond of the first two rabbits to even break down. It could spring up some jealousy between the same-sex rabbits which can lead to fights.

So you have to know how to introduce the third rabbit properly to avoid all casualties. Let’s discuss more it… 

You have to consider the bonded pair as one rabbit and not two. You can keep the bonded pair in the same cage and the new rabbit in another cage. You can start by keeping the cages in different places as bringing them close suddenly can cause aggression.

But make sure you bring them closer gradually and slowly, make sure you do not rush things. Take all the time you need for this process. 

Make sure that all the rabbits are spayed or neutered. It will prevent unwanted breeding. It will remove the sex hormones which can cause aggression in rabbits. It will also help in the prevention of cancer in reproductive organs. 

Wait for 6 weeks after both operations before moving on to the next step. There is a chance that your rabbits could get into a fight when they see it for the first time. Make sure they are healed completely before trying to put them together again. 

Afterward, you can keep the cages nearby and closer so that all three rabbits see each other. Ensure that they can see each other through the wire, with just enough space that they can’t touch.

There should be a small separation between the rabbits. They will start coming closer and communicating eventually. 

Once your rabbits get acquainted they will show that. They won’t be high on alert or startled when they see the new rabbit but will be calm.

After these signs, you can bring them face to face. Make sure you choose a room where neither of them feels territorial. Keep them together and supervise them. 

This will show if they are ready to accept the third rabbit or not. If they start to fight then separate them immediately. Otherwise, let them be for 10 minutes. You can do this every day till they are fully comfortable with each other.

When your rabbits feel comfortable together, their body language will change. They’ll start lying down, grooming themselves, and eating around one another.

If you see the rabbits grooming the new one then it’s a sign of a bond between them. Grooming is a great sign. You can encourage the grooming too by smearing bananas on them. 

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How Much Space Do 3 Rabbits Need?

Space is the most important thing to consider if you are thinking about having more than one rabbit. You should have ample space if you are planning to have three rabbits.

The space you choose shouldn’t be too small that all the three rabbits are clubbed together and don’t have space to move around.

It shouldn’t be too big so that the three rabbits go their way and make territories. It should be a space between them where the rabbits can see and play with each other. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the signs of fighting in rabbits?

If your rabbits are fighting, however, you will need to intervene. Real fighting can be recognized by: Growling, Chasing, Boxing, Flattened ears and a raised tail, and Biting – this is different from gentle nipping. Biting may draw blood or tear out fur.

Can you keep rabbits and birds together?

Birds and rabbits can live peacefully together in a single home. No matter how big the aviary is, birds and rabbits should never share an enclosure. This risks cross-contamination for inter-species diseases, fungal infections, and bacteria.

Final Word 

We finally have the answer to the question: Can three rabbits live together? Yes, they can! It is very common in wild rabbits so we can have more than one rabbit in our houses also. 

While bonding the rabbits make sure you don’t rush it and take your time. In case the bunnies become violent and fight, you have to separate them and get their wounds checked by the wet immediately.

Before bonding the rabbits make sure you spay and neuter the rabbits to avoid unwanted breeding and reproductive health issues. 

If you do the introduction process carefully, you can have a small furry friend’s family for yourself. I hope this article solved all your questions about how to have three rabbits. For more questions comment down below!

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