Rabbits are very social and intelligent animals. And the best part is they love company. Now, this is great news for all rabbit lovers who were thinking about getting a new furry friend. We know that a female and another female rabbit can live together. Living together can make them more social and friendly. 

But that’s not all. Can female rabbits who are pregnant at the same time live together? Is it possible for them to live in the same hutch? Will it cause violent behavior in both the pregnant rabbits? Let’s discuss it all in this article…

Can pregnant rabbits live together? Yes, they can. Pregnant rabbits can live together but you have to make sure that there is enough space for both rabbits. As long as the hutch is big for the two moms and their rabbit babies, you are good to go. 

To know all about keeping two pregnant rabbits together, keep reading…

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Can Pregnant Rabbits Live Together?

Can You Keep Two Pregnant Rabbits Together?


Rabbits are very social animals. They live in large groups in the wild. They love to have companies. They grow up as a family with many rabbits.

If left alone, they can develop health problems and can feel lonely. This is why having another rabbit if you already have one is a great idea.

But if both the rabbits you have are pregnant, then here are a few pointers you have to watch out for. Let’s discuss them…

Can you keep two pregnant rabbits together? Yes, you can! You can have two rabbits who are pregnant at the same time together.

You have to know before getting pregnant the females should be bonded or else it will be close to impossible for them to bond afterward. If there is space for both the rabbit moms and their babies, then it will be easier to have two pregnant rabbits together. 

While having two pregnant rabbits, extra care should be given to both of them. You have to look out for signs of distress between the two rabbits as violent behavior in the rabbit moms can cause severe hurt to the moms as well as the rabbits.

As all rabbit owners know, it is very important for the rabbits who live together to bond first before putting them together in a place. Even the pregnant rabbits should be bonded first for them to live together with no problems. 

Bonding rabbits is a very time-consuming and important step that you should never skip if you are planning to have two female rabbits especially if not spayed and has a chance of pregnancy.

Even though rabbits are social, they are also territorial. A sudden invasion of their space can cause violent behavior in them.

Pregnancy in rabbits isn’t always obvious. You may not realize that a rabbit is pregnant until just a day or two before she gives birth when she starts building a nest with her bedding material and own fur in preparation. You have to look out for such signs if you have female rabbits. 

We have discussed how important the process of bonding is. Let’s now look into how to bond two female rabbits. 

How To Bond 2 Pregnant Female Rabbits?

How To Bond 2 Female Rabbits?

Bonding is necessary before putting the two females together in a cage. It can cause very harsh behavior from the female rabbits.

Bonding two female rabbits are very tricky just like bonding any other pair of rabbits. However, the good news is rabbits love company and groups! 

The first step is to set up two different cages for your rabbits. You can choose a hutch that provides your rabbits with a clear vision outside.

In this way, your females can see each other in different cages and get used to the idea of another female in the room.

Make sure you keep the two hutches in different places in the beginning and start to move them closer very slowly. 

Make sure your rabbits are spayed to prevent them from being territorial and violent. After a few weeks of keeping them in different rooms and getting them acquainted, start to move the cage to each other.

Keep both cages a small distance. It helps them feel safe as they aren’t invading the other’s territory.

Curious rabbits will naturally sniff around the other female rabbit. This will help in the bonding process. They will start coming closer and communicating eventually.

Once your rabbits have gotten to know each other, it will be clear from their manners. They will no longer be alert. After these signs, you can bring them face to face. Make sure you choose a room where neither of them feels territorial. Keep them together and supervise them.

If they start to fight then separate them immediately. Otherwise, let them be for 10 minutes. You can do this every day till they are fully comfortable with each other. When your rabbits feel comfortable together, their body language will change.

They’ll start lying down, grooming themselves, and eating around one another. Grooming is the best sign of bonding in rabbits.

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Do You Have To Separate Rabbits When Pregnant? 

Rabbits are social animals. They can get along with other rabbits if they are bonded. Even if they are pregnant rabbits can live together.

But you have to make sure of a few things first before putting two female pregnant rabbits together. If the cage or hutch is big enough for two rabbits and their babies, then you are good to go.

The cage should be really big for them to walk around with their babies. You also have to make sure that the moms are bonded first.  

Will Female Rabbits Kill Other Rabbits Babies?

No, they don’t. You will have the fear that one mom will attack the baby of the other rabbit mom. But don’t worry that won’t happen.

Rabbit moms will protect their babies and if the rabbits are bonded first then there won’t be any violent behavior among the rabbits. And most importantly rabbits are strict herbivores. 

Care To Be Taken While One Rabbit Is Pregnant!


If your furry baby is pregnant, you should give them all the attention you can. You have to give them attention to their safety and sound pregnancy and delivery.

Now let’s discuss a few points that you have to know if you have a pregnant rabbit…

  • First and foremost, you will have to remove the male rabbit. Because the male can impregnate the rabbit just after the delivery. 
  • You have to make sure you provide your female rabbit with enough space in the hutch for the rabbit and her baby. 
  • You can fill your pregnant rabbit’s cage with hay. This will make them sit more comfortably in the cage. 
  • Make sure you clean your pregnant rabbit’s hutch every day to make it clean and safe.
  • You have to feed your pregnant rabbi extra hay and water. A healthy diet should be maintained for them to have a safe pregnancy. 
  • Pregnant rabbits should have access to nutritious food to make them healthy.  
  • Be sure to provide a quiet area and ideally a covered box for your doe to make her nest in.
  • You have to provide a calm and quiet environment for your rabbit to avoid them stressing out.
  • You have to handle them with most care during the pregnancy. You have to be extra gentle because holding or grabbing them the wrong way can hurt them. 
  • You have to make sure your rabbit moves around and exercises daily to be fit. The movement will help keep her blood flowing and will get nutrients to her growing babies.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Stop Rabbits Fighting?

If your rabbits are fighting, try to distract them. One way to do this is with a spray bottle of water. Rabbits dislike being sprayed with water. It doesn’t hurt them, but it stops them in their tracks.

Can You Keep More Than Two Rabbits Together?

Rabbits in the wild never live alone. Usually, around 10-15 individuals live together in a close group. Large warrens can be home to 100 individuals or more, living nearby.

Final Word 

Finally, you have all the answers about housing two pregnant rabbits together. Of course, you can have them together if you have a hutch big enough for the two mothers and their babies. Pregnancy is a time when you have to give the most care to your pregnant bunnies. 

As we discussed above, bonding is a crucial and unavoidable step. It takes time and care. In case the bunnies become violent and fight, you have to separate them and get their wounds checked by the wet immediately.

If you do the introduction process carefully, you can have a small furry friend’s family for yourself. I hope this article solved all your questions about how to have two pregnant female rabbits. For more questions comment down below!


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