Two females make a great pair everywhere, be it in humans or RABBITS. All rabbit moms might wonder if they can add another fur baby to the group to have a bigger furry family. Well, you have come to the right place because we will discuss all of it…

So, you may be thinking, can two female rabbits live together?

Yes, female rabbits can live together. While a male and female rabbit is the optimum coupling, two female rabbits can be connected and live together in harmony.

Rabbits are sociable animals. Therefore, if they are kept alone, they may get lonely and have health problems.

We’ll go through the advantages of having two female rabbits live together and the way to bond them in this article. Keep reading!

Can Two Female Rabbits Live Together?

Can You Have Two Female Bunnies Together?

Rabbits are very social animals. They always live in groups. They love to have companies. They grow up as a family with many rabbits.

If left alone, they can develop health problems and can feel lonely. This is why having another rabbit if you already have one is a great idea!

Can you have female bunnies together? Totally!! Two female rabbits can live together. Just like bonding with any other rabbits, it will take time and care. Living in a group aids them in many ways.

Rabbits learn to be more social, it helps with behavioral problems, depression, and more in rabbits.

Before introducing a second female rabbit right away to your first female make sure you bond them first. Even though rabbits are social, they are also territorial.

A sudden invasion of their space can cause violent behavior in them. Several measures must be taken before trying to bond female rabbits, such as spaying the rabbits.

Spaying can help with the territorial behavior in your doe. unspayed rabbits can be territorial. Even sharing the same litter can spruce the bond between the rabbits. Rabbits crave company in certain situations.

They also show several symptoms to indicate this like:

● Become sluggish and lethargic

● Hides in their cage

● Over scratching things

● Over-grooming themselves till bald patches come

● Refusal to eat and drink

● Constant illnesses

● Depression

What Are The Benefits Of Two Female Rabbits Living Together?

Allowing two female rabbits to live together has a number of advantages. They are:

What Are The Benefits Of Two Female Rabbits Living Together?

1. Makes Your Rabbits Less Anxious

You’re undoubtedly well aware that rabbits are fearful and shy creatures if you own one. Even if they’ve been around you for a long time, rabbits may be quickly frightened.

It helps to have two female rabbits living together in this situation. When rabbits are housed in couples, their anxiety levels tend to reduce quite a little.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that each rabbit is unique. Slowly introduce your two female rabbits, giving them time to bond on their own terms. You’ll be amazed at how calmer both of your bunnies are after the relationship is established.

2. Gives You A Sense Of Security

If you’re a caring bunny parent, the notion of leaving your rabbit alone and nervous while you leave for work may give you distress as well.

When you have two female rabbits living together, you can rest certain that you are not leaving your pet alone when you are not at home.

Can You Keep Two Female Rabbits Together If One Is Pregnant?

When compared to doe-buck couples, two female rabbits had a greater risk of fighting. They should, however, get along nicely if they’re introduced gradually.

Both should come from the same litter for the highest likelihood of success. Sisters from the same litter frequently get along fine.

If the two rabbits aren’t acquainted, spaying them before introducing them is recommended. Females that haven’t been spayed might be territorial. This means there’s a larger possibility of a conflict.

Yes, as long as you have adequate space, you can keep two pregnant female rabbits together. Mother bunnies, on the other hand, should form bonds with one another before becoming pregnant.

Will Two Female Rabbits Fight?

Yes, two female rabbits will fight if both bunnies are not neutered. Female rabbits, in fact, fight more frequently than male rabbits, who fight less frequently but more viciously.

Neutering both female rabbits is the only method to prevent them from fighting. The hormonal aggressiveness that begins when the rabbits reach puberty would be reduced as a result.

If you detect any of your rabbits fighting, separate them as quickly as possible. Two rabbits fighting can result in horrible injuries such as shredded ears, noses, and eyeballs. Rabbits can fight to the death in some circumstances.

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Why Do Two Female Rabbits Fight?

Why Do Two Female Rabbits Fight?

Your two female rabbits may fight due to the following reasons:

1. They Haven’t Been Neutered Yet

Rabbits who have not been neutered are more likely to fight. This is especially true if they are both females. Female rabbits would fight more than two male rabbits on a regular basis.

The difference is that two male rabbits would fight ferociously, resulting in serious injuries and occasionally death. While female rabbits fight more frequently, their injuries are not as serious as those sustained by two male rabbits fighting.

It’s critical to neuter both rabbits before exposing them to each other, regardless of gender.

2. Possessive Of Their Territory

Female rabbits, while less territorial than two male rabbits are nonetheless territorial about their food and personal space. They will get violent if another rabbit approaches her area.

That’s why, if you have more than one rabbit, you should set apart room for them in case they get into a fight.

The female rabbit is either pregnant or guarding her young. Pregnant rabbits are fiercely protective of their young and will attack any bunny that approaches them.

That’s why, if one or both of your rabbits are pregnant, you should keep them in separate cages.

3. Female Rabbit Is In Discomfort

Rabbits who are ill or in discomfort are more likely to act aggressively. If both of your rabbits are neutered and suddenly become hostile to each other, one of them is most likely in discomfort.

Make a visual inspection for any missing fur or exposed sores. You should also look for any abnormalities in their teeth and ears.

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Will Female Rabbits Fight To The Death?

It’s unusual to see two female bunnies battle to death. They may fight frequently, however, it will not be too violent.

However, aggressive male rabbits would battle each other until the other surrendered.

In contrast to two male rabbits, two female rabbits would fight more frequently. However, the battle would be shorter and result in fewer injuries.

What Do You Do When Two Female Rabbits Fight?

You may take the following steps when two female rabbits fight:

1. Neuter Them

The most successful approach is to neuter both female rabbits. Any hormonally linked aggressiveness would be eliminated by neutering or spaying.

Once the rabbit reaches adolescence, approximately three to four months of age, hormonal aggressiveness will begin. To prevent your rabbits from fighting, have them spayed before they reach adolescence.

2. Separate Them

Another technique for ensuring that both female rabbits do not fight is to separate them. Separate the food and water bowls for your rabbits so they don’t compete for food.

Give your rabbits their individual hutches to sleep. Let them determine when they wish to interact and socialize on their own.

Can Two Unneutered Female Rabbits Live Together?

Unneutered/ Unspayed female rabbits won’t get along as easily as spayed females. Both the rabbits need to be spayed before you introduce them because of the following reasons:

  • Spaying can remove the sex hormone that is responsible for aggression and territorial behavior. This will help prevent the fighting and violence in your female rabbits as well as promote bonding. 
  • It removes the risk of your female rabbits getting cancer in reproductive organs.

How Do You Bond Two Female Rabbits?

How Do You Bond Two Female Rabbits?

There are a few things to keep an eye out for throughout the bonding process between two female rabbits:

1. Keep An Eye On Your Rabbits

When you initially introduce your female rabbits, never let them alone. At all times, you must keep a careful check on them.

Some pet owners keep their female rabbits apart at night to ensure that they don’t fight one another. It’s okay to leave them alone once they’ve linked. However, do that only when that bond has been fully established.

2. Observe Dominant Rabbit

There will be dominant rabbits, just as there will be dominant rabbits in any other species. Keep a watch on one of your female rabbits if she begins to bully the other.

If the bullying continues, it’s wise to separate them for a while before attempting again. Keep their individual cages close to one another. Simply seeing each other can aid in the bonding process.

3. Make Certain Each Rabbit Has Its Own Area

Rabbits require their own area to withdraw to when they are nervous or just want to be alone. Make sure the hutch you’re keeping your two female rabbits in is spacious enough for them to withdraw when they need to.

It’s also a good idea to provide each female rabbit with her own litter tray, since they may refuse to share one. This is a sign of the rabbit’s territorial nature and should be addressed right immediately.

How Long Does It Take To Bond Two Female Rabbits?

Bonding two bunnies can take anywhere from two weeks to two months on average. Be patient with both your female rabbits and allow them enough time to bond.

Because rabbits are territorial, and yours may have been living alone for a while, it’s critical to connect your female bunnies to avoid fighting.

Your bunnies will be buddies for life once they’ve developed a relationship. You’ll have nothing else to worry about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bond Two Female Rabbits?

Yes, bonding two female rabbits are possible. Every rabbit requires a companion. Bonding, mixing, or pairing refers to the process of bringing two rabbits together to live together.

Can Rabbits Bond After Fighting?

Rabbits who have been bonded for a long time typically get along nicely. It’s not uncommon for rabbits to squabble, even in bonded pairs. However, if they’re fighting and tearing fur out, it’s typically an indication that their tie has been severed.

Do Rabbits Get Attached To Their Owners?

Rabbits form strong bonds with their owners. They identify them by their voice and appearance. When summoned, bunnies may even follow their owners from room to room and climb up on their laps.

Final Words

Yes, two female rabbits may live together provided they are properly attached and monitored at first. Because rabbits are sociable animals, they should not be forced to live alone.

Rabbits, whether male and female or two females, require socializing in order to be happy. Simply keep a watch on your female rabbits throughout the bonding phase. It’s also a good idea to have any rabbits you mix spayed or neutered for the greatest outcomes.

Drop down your queries and doubts regarding your furry bunny in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!

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