Your bunny rabbit likes to stay in the rain and let its fur get wet, so it is more than okay if your pet bunny goes out in the rain.

But you have to make sure of one thing, which is that your lovely pet is healthy enough. When they are outdoors, especially in this weather, they must have a shelter to get under to be able to save themselves from the heat.

The outdoor environment does not pose any problems for rabbits but they should be protected for a few reasons. If there’s a normal drizzle outside and your rabbits are out, then that doesn’t make any problems unless there aren’t any predators.

The main concern for domestic rabbits should be on keeping them safe and secure in stormy weather and finding breaks between the storms to let them out to exercise and run.

But do rabbits like being out in the rain? What do they do when it’s raining? And can they get scared by the rain and storms? Read on to learn more.

Do Rabbits Like Rain

Do Rabbits Like Being Out In The Rain?

Yes, they do! Rabbits show different types of emotions like being happy, angry, and excited, and moreover, they seem to have more complex emotions when the temperature gets down a little in the weather.

They already sense that it’s going to rain soon and so when it drizzles, they like playing in that weather and enjoy the moment as much as they can.

As researched, rabbits suffer more from high temperatures or summers, which are more dangerous to them than snow and rain. Thus, rabbits do not get bothered by rainwater.

Bunnies do not enjoy being submerged in water but they do not have a problem with rain.

What Do Rabbits Do When Raining?

What Do Rabbits Do When Raining

Rabbits have a fur body that protects them from getting drenched in rainwater. Their fur also helps them to protect themselves from cold and rainy conditions as much as possible, but still, they have to need proper shelters to keep themselves safe.

 Some rabbits who are young, healthy, and more energetic little fur balls find it completely natural to get their coats of fur (which is said to be the protective shield for them) wet, and they are not bothered by it.

The falling rain doesn’t affect them at that time as they show many emotions that are supposed to be observed in their behavior in order to keep a check on if they are in any discomfort or if they need anything.

Young rabbits and those rabbits that are poor in health conditions or have gotten old are supposed to be protected from the rain.

Where Do Rabbits Go When It Rains?

Where do Rabbits Go When It Rains

When it rains, wild rabbits will usually go to their warren.

Normally, a warren is a hole at the base of a tree. Rabbits make holes under trees so that they can dig out passages for escape at the time of danger.

Sometimes they only sit in one place and let the rainfall on their entire body. They feel relaxed and happy at that time and that is why they like doing this.

Instead of warrens, they may also go under any nearby bush to cover themselves from rain, or they can also use trees as they are good protection from the rain.

If it is territorial, then make sure that your rabbits are protected. The main danger for bunnies when they are out in the rain is that they might get cold. But remember that a comfortable temperature for rabbits is lower than that for humans.

Are Rabbits Scared Of Rain?

Are Rabbits Scared Of Rain

Rabbits are highly sensitive to loud noises, such as those of thunderstorms. So no, rabbits aren’t scared of rain itself but are scared of loud thunderstorms.

This is because of one main reason which is that when loud and frightening noises are heard by your rabbit, it can stimulate its adrenal glands to release epinephrine, increasing its blood pressure and heart rate.

If the noise is very loud then it can shock your rabbit and there are high chances that just the effects of the shock can kill your rabbit.

So rabbits are not actually scared of rain because they only have an issue with high heat, which is in the summer season.

They don’t show any kind of discomfort in rain or snow. So they don’t have any problems with rain, and it is just the thunderstorm that can get them scared to death.

Since rabbits have a low tolerance for loud noises, it is why they can get easily scared by a thunderstorm.

What To Do If Your Rabbit Is Out In The Rain?

When your dear bunny is out in the rain, the levels of your concerns and responsibilities increase.

Taking care of a wet rabbit is more hectic work than usual especially if your dear ball of fur is outside and gets introduced to an unexpected downpour.

Then the first thing which you should do is go to your bunny and get it back indoors. Next, check if it is completely fine or not will be great.

This is an important step to check whether it is okay or not.

This will give an idea of if there is any rainwater in your rabbit’s ear or not, and you can move forward accordingly to avoid otitis.

It is said that rabbit ears are very sensitive and delicate. Rabbits are not always able to get rid of the droplets of water by shaking its head.

If your bunny is all drenched with rainwater, take it inside your home and try to dry him using a towel for a few minutes. This way, the rabbit will feel at ease and will not catch a cold either.

Can Rabbits Die From Rain?

When bunnies do get wet, they are at a high chance of getting sick and catching a disease. Even just due to catching a cold, they can die because their body was freezing.

Bunnies are all covered with fur which helps them to keep themselves warm if the outside environment has cold weather. But when this thick coat of fur of rabbits gets wet, it prevents their fur from being able to shut in the heat alongside her physique.

This wetness for their thick coat can lead to serious problems like them catching a cold and the poor rabbit freezing due to the cold. This is a major risk, particularly for pet bunnies because they get adapted to living indoors in warm weather.

Colder weather, while favorable to rabbits, the extremes are perilous to rabbits, whether rain, snow, or hail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rabbits Like Rain Sounds?

Rabbits don’t particularly react to the sound of water droplets during rain, but they get affected by thunderstorms that come with rain. Rabbits get scared of thunderstorms. Sometimes this can get worse enough that they can get shocked to such an extent it can give them a heart attack.
Rabbits have a very low tolerance for loud noises, so they can’t handle the extremely loud thunderstorms. If the sound continues periodically, as thunder does, and the rabbit can’t figure out where it is coming from, this can lead to prolonged periods of fear and anxiety in rabbits.
Many times, rabbits that live in areas where thunderstorms are common will get used to it over time.

Can My Rabbit Go Out In The Rain?

Yes, definitely. A rabbit shows many different emotions. And one of them is the nature of exploring the environment and enjoying it to the fullest.
When it rains, they usually go outside to play and enjoy the rain. It is safe for them till they have a proper shelter for them. And the main condition is that they should not get completely drenched in rainwater because this will give a call to many diseases for them.
The bunnies have a thick fur coat which usually helps them to keep their body temperature balanced according to the environment so that they will not catch a cold easily.

Do Rabbits Like Rain?

Frankly, rabbits are not particularly fond of rain. They immediately search for shelters when it starts to rain. While rabbits do have their own ways which always help them to protect themselves from rain such as some water-repelling qualities in the coat, these can only work for so long, and they will definitely need shelter whenever it rains.
The fur coats which rabbits have is very dense, which keeps the rabbit warm in cold environments. But if gets too wet, the bunny won’t be able to retain the body heat as effectively.


Rain can be both enjoyable and dangerous for rabbits and finding shelter should be the main priority and they always actively do that part.

Rabbits are not seen as animals that are particularly fond of water most of the time. Their bodies certainly have characteristics that allow them to adapt and get in contact with water, but some bunnies do not get adapted to rain and storm.

If shelter cannot be found and rain is getting heavy as the time passes then consider it a red sign of danger that your bunny needs to be indoors at this time to survive these adverse weather conditions.

A rabbit that is all wet or drenched in water can cause a lot of stress. Especially if the water is particularly deep, conditions are cold or they are not used to all these kinds of changes with water, as rabbits don’t like water and they try their best to not get in contact with water or we can say that if they in contact, the main body is protected by their body’s adaptations.

Taking these considerations in mind, you need to be very careful with pet rabbits around water, or if it is raining.


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