Yes, rabbits can go in the snow, if the temperature is above freezing, that is, 32 degrees Fahrenheit. But the condition is that they should not be in the snow for a very long time. Rabbits can be outside in snowy weather for 10-20 minutes.

This is because rabbits can develop hypothermia, so to avoid this they should not stay outside for a long time.

However, during the time they are out in the snow, you should watch or monitor them properly to check if they are active or not, or if they are showing signs of uneasiness.

Because they don’t have much tolerance for extreme hot and cold weather, these weather conditions affect their health.

Can I Take My Bunny In The Snow

Can Rabbits Play In The Snow?

Can Rabbits Play In The Snow

Rabbits mostly have fun playing in the snow. Rabbits like to explore, so this makes them more curious about traversing the environment around them. Rabbits can also use their traditional digging skills to make various tunnels in the snow.

They enjoy doing all these things and feel free to enjoy them without fear. Rabbits are social animals and they like to discover new things, observe their surroundings, and move, hop and play around.

They surely enjoy playing in the snow. But, there should be a time limit for rabbits to play in the snow.

As rabbits don’t have much tolerance for very low temperatures, they must not be kept out of their shelter for long if it is snowing.

The amount of time that your rabbit spends in the snow should be 10–20 minutes so that there shouldn’t any reasons for you to worry about danger. Moreover, when they are enjoying the snow and playing out there, you should make sure that rabbits have access to an indoor or warm space.

Because they have their own coat made of fur to keep themselves warm, but it is only to a certain extent, there are chances that they can get sick of other diseases that can get into their body from being in the cold or snow for too long.

So, leaving the door open for your rabbit to come back inside when they are feeling cold will be a nice option.

Do Rabbits Like Snow?

Do Rabbits Like Snow

Yes, rabbits do like snow. And what they like more is playing in the snow. They enjoy running in the snow and making tunnels here and there in the snow. Rabbits are smart and intelligent, and they are also known to be very social.

They like to travel over and have a look at everything around them. So in the snow, their curiosity level reaches its peak, to play around and get some time to enjoy themselves.

These cuddly creatures absolutely love to burrow and dig in whatever they can. It is a part of who they are and how they play.

So, bringing your pet bunnies outside in the snow is perfectly acceptable. But there are some recommendations that rabbit owners should follow to keep their little furballs safe and sound.

If rabbits are playing in the snow for a short period, it creates no problems or health issues for them. But if they are spending more time in cold weather, that too in negative temperatures, it will affect their health badly.

Although they have a thick layer of fur which covers their bodies, this will not work when they spend an extended amount of time in the cold weather.

So rabbit owners should always provide shelter or a warm place for their animals to go if they become cold.

It is more vital for those rabbits that live indoors for the majority of their life because they can be much more easily affected by this extreme weather change.

Is It Safe To Let Indoor Rabbits Play In The Snow?

It is absolutely safe for indoor rabbits to play in the snow. As long as the temperature is above freezing or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is safe to allow rabbits to play in the snow.

There is no doubt in my mind that rabbits like to play, so they will surely enjoy having their time.

Although indoor rabbits are not habitual to outside weather in the way wild rabbits are, indoor rabbits live in a more secure way and with more pampering as compared to wild rabbits, so indoor rabbits might need a little time to get used to the weather change.

But rabbits being in the snow outside their shelter for 10 to 20 minutes will definitely cause no issues at all.

During this time, when your dear bunny is outside enjoying itself in the snow, it is your duty to keep a check on your rabbit. What is its behavior?

Whether they are feeling well or not, whether they enjoy playing in the snow, or if there is any type of change for which you should take precautions for your bunny.

Rabbits that are adapted to outdoor weather usually have thick coats of fur to deal with winter temperatures. At the same time, indoor rabbits don’t have the adaptability to accept the outside temperature.

So bunnies should always have a shelter when they go out to play in the snow so that whenever they feel cold, they can get inside the shelter or their home to keep themselves warm.

Can Bunnies Eat Snow?

Can Bunnies Eat Snow

It is the habit of most pets or animals to try to eat the things they are playing with. When rabbits are also out in the snow to play, they will inevitably end up eating snow a little.

This is nothing to be shocked about. After all, these creatures are supposed to explore things in their own ways or methods.

So rabbits use this behavior to explore the world, but it is in a much different way than we expect as they don’t have any fingers or hands as we humans do.

There is nothing to worry about if your pet rabbit is playing in the snow and ends up eating snow a little.

In spite of that, if your rabbit starts to eat snow by taking mouthfuls of it, then it is not a good activity for them to get into a habit. You should take them away from the snow at that time.

Snow is just water, but it being at a freezing temperature may cause problems for rabbits. They can catch colds, or their digestive systems can get affected by that if they eat a large amount of snow at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature is dangerous for rabbits?

For rabbits, the temperature at which there will not be any problems for them outdoors is between 12 and 21 degrees Celsius. And bunnies can tolerate temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius, and above this temperature, bunnies can suffer from health issues. So it is important to make sure that if the weather is extremely cold, the rabbits have proper sources, or it could be said, places to hide and keep their bodies warm. And for summers, if the temperature is increasing, they should stay indoors only to maintain their body temperature. Because these animals with fur covering their bodies already have sources to keep them warm, in summers with high temperatures, they will need cold places to regulate or to make a good balance with their own body heat.

Can rabbits die from the cold?

Yes, it can happen in some cases. If rabbits are left in a cold area or in contact with water for a long time, they can become ill and could be fatal if proper actions are not taken in time. This is an issue for those rabbits who are older or suffering from painful arthritis and, moreover, those who are young and do not have good adaptations to the weather conditions. So they need to be kept warm and dry in any case, to prevent health issues or any severe problems. Rabbits that are thin, young, or do not have a thick winter coat may also need special attention to make sure that they are healthy, do not catch a cold, and stay warm and dry.

What temperature is too cold for baby rabbits?

For baby rabbits, those who don’t have any experience of outdoor temperature or no tolerance for extreme weather conditions should be taken care of with more attention. Temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit may be too cold for rabbits. As a result, extra precautions are required for them. Baby rabbits should not be sent outdoors at these low temperatures to keep them healthy. And those rabbits that live outdoors should have a small hiding place. And that place should have plenty of insulating bedding, or, let’s say, wood shavings, to keep them cozy in the winters.


It is absolutely normal for rabbits to go out and play. If it is snowing, then they get more energetic to know and observe the outside world. Rabbits enjoy playing in the snow, making tunnels, and exploring the environment.

But cold weather is not suitable for rabbits, so they should be out of their shelters to play only for a few minutes and their owners should keep checking up on them at that time to keep them healthy.


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