Did you know the deficiency of salt in rabbits can lead to hypothermia? Did you know the Deficiency of salt is also followed by nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps, and shock in rabbits? 

Salt is vital in a rabbit’s diet. It is important to ensure that they are a sodium chloride intake in rabbits to keep them healthy. Salt licks and mineral blocks are some ways to ensure there is sodium chloride intake in your rabbit.

Of course, rabbits who are well fed and have a balanced diet don’t require salt licks but it is always better for domestic rabbits. 

Let us look more into the topic of rabbits and salt licks.

Let us hop straight in!


Should I Give My Rabbit Salt Lick?

Salt is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet. Salt is important for rabbits’ fluid regulation, muscles, and nerves. It is not mandatory that you have to provide salt to your rabbit if it is well fed and has all the needed minerals. 

However, if your rabbit is showing signs that they are lacking sodium chloride or salt in their body, it is better to provide them with a salt lick. Rabbits will only use the salt lick if they sense there is a deficiency of salt in their body. 

Rabbits are very smart creatures and they will know when they are lacking sodium in their body. They will only lick the salt when they sense they need sodium. They don’t lick the salt for fun in most cases. 

Since sodium is a vital part of rabbits’ diet and deficiency of sodium can lead to muscle cramps and dizziness in rabbits, it is important to keep in mind that as a responsible rabbit owner, you should provide the salt lick if necessary to the rabbit. 

Do Rabbits Need Mineral Block?

Rabbits who have mineral deficiency should use a mineral block in order to get their body on track. However, rabbits who are well fed and have a balanced diet, do not require a mineral block. 

Rabbits require minerals for the smooth functioning of their body. A poor diet can cause a deficiency of minerals in rabbits which in turn means poor bodily functions. 

In order to keep your furry friend healthy and active, it is essential that you provide a mineral block or lick. This will help stabilize the mineral level in their body.

Let’s look into the minerals requirement of a rabbit: 

NutrientsRecommended Daily Allowance Per Kg Of Feed For Adult RabbitRecommended Daily Allowance Per Kg Of Feed For Growing RabbitSafe Upper Limit Of Nutrients Per Kg Of Feed
Calcium 5g5g10g
Phosphorus 4g4g9g
Sodium 1g1-2g8g
Magnesium 0.3-3g0.4-0.7g3.5g
Potassium 6g2-6g16g
Chloride 1.7g1-5g4.8g
Micro- minerals
Copper 5-20mg3-6mg25mg
Zinc 50-150mg40mg
Manganese 8-15mg20-40mg75mg
Iron 30-400mg100mg
Iodine 0.4-0.5mg2mg
Selenium 0.05-0.32mg0.1mg
Cobalt 0.25mg0.1-1mg

If you notice that your rabbit is facing a mineral deficiency then it is always recommended to give them a mineral block. 

Are Salt Licks Good Or Bad For Rabbits?

Salt licks are not bad for your rabbit as they won’t do anything harmful to your rabbit’s health. At the same time, it is not good to give the rabbit a salt lick if it’s not required. 

Your rabbit will only use the salt lick if they need it and won’t lick it because they are bored. Some rabbits might enjoy the taste of the salt lick but it is unlikely they will eat more than they can handle. 

However, in some cases, salt licks are bad for rabbits. Rabbits who are caged are likely to get bored and grumpy. Such rabbits might eat big pieces out of the salt lick which might be more good for them. 

Some rabbits who are bored will eat the salt even when their body doesn’t need it. This can be harmful to them as they are eating way more salt than their body needs. 

In such cases, you have to be on the lookout for your bunnies. If they eat more salt than required you can compensate by giving them water to drink for your rabbit. 

Why Do Rabbits Need Salt Licks?

Salt is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet. It is very much needed to keep their body healthy. Their diet should be well balanced to give them a steady portion of salt. 

Rabbits who have a balanced diet do not require a salt wheel. If they lack sodium then it is recommended to give them a salt wheel. 

Salt has many functions in a rabbit’s body. It is needed to regulate their body fluids, muscles, and nervous system. 

What Age Can Rabbits Have Salt Lick?

Some rabbit owners start giving salt licks by the age of 9 weeks. Salt lick is safe for any aged rabbits if you stick to their age and appropriate level of sodium intake based on their age.

You have to make sure you stick to the appropriate amount. 

Salt Wheel For Rabbits


The salt wheel is a popular commodity among rabbits and pet owners. Salt wheels are beneficial for rabbits because they are high in key minerals and nutrients. Along with the minerals they provide, it is also a treat for a rabbit. 

A rabbit gets all of its minerals from its diet and a well-fed rabbit is gonna be healthy. But from time to time it is okay to mix it up with a salt wheel in case the rabbits find it hard to absorb all the minerals from the diet only. 

It is beneficial and also a fun way to get minerals. Whenever rabbits are bored and feel a mineral deficiency they can lick the salt wheels by themselves without your help. 

It is also proven that rabbits find salt wheel relaxing. Enjoying a good salt wheel will help them lose some of their worries and anxiety. Acquiring minerals and relaxing the rabbit, the salt wheel does both in a jiffy. 

Salt wheels also help in hydrating the rabbits. During winters, rabbits drink very less water. You can give your rabbit a salt wheel and you can watch after licking the salt wheel, rabbits hydrate themselves. This is to compensate for the salt intake.

If your rabbit refuses to drink water and you feel like the rabbit is gonna get dehydrated then a salt wheel is a good addition to your rabbit to keep them hydrated. 

Is Himalayan Salt Good For Rabbits?


Himalayan salt is great for rabbits. The Himalayan salt gives a bunch of minerals that strengthen the rabbit’s immune system, increase water consumption, and give them energy.

The minerals in Himalayan salt include sodium, sulfate, chromium, calcium, and iron. These minerals offer health-related benefits in just a few licks.

But you have to make sure that the Himalayan salt is not part of your rabbit’s daily diet. It should only be given to balancing the diet. 

Himalayan salt has become a world-renowned salt because of its mineral composition. the Himalayan salt contains almost 83 minerals that are gonna keep your rabbit healthy. This mineral intake is gonna keep your rabbit happy as well. 

Like other salt licks, Himalayan salt also encourages water consumption. If the rabbit is drinking more water due to Himalayan salt, it is going to make them healthier.

Himalayan salts also soothe your rabbit and relax it. It is one of the underrated benefits of this salt. This is also an organic option that is beneficial for your rabbit. 

Can Salt Kill Rabbits?

No salt does not kill your rabbit. Salt is beneficial for your rabbit if they are experiencing a deficiency of minerals.

However, large amounts of salt can obviously produce excessive thirst, urination, and sodium poisoning in rabbits, as is the case with most pets.

Therefore, if you think your rabbit ate something poisonous or harmful, still go to the vet.

Homemade Salt Licks For Rabbits 

Did you know that you can easily make a salt lick at home for your furry friend? Let’s see how… 


Here’s what you need to make a salt lick at home:

  • Rock salt
  • Bone meal
  • Clay
  • Molasses (optional, for sweetening)
  • Lime (optional, for added hardening)
  • Large wooden spoon or stick
  • Cardboard box
  • Trash bag
  • Hook or rope (optional)

Now let’s see how to make a homemade DIY salt lick: 

  1. Add 2 parts of rock salt, 4 parts of bone meal, and 1 part of clay together to a bowl and mix it with water. 
  2. If you want a hardened mix then you can add lime at this stage. The amount of lime is proportional to how hard you want your salt to lick. 
  3. Add more water until it becomes a thick paste. You’ve reached the right consistency if the mixture can easily be molded with a spoon.
  4. Just before all the water has been incorporated, add the molasses.
  5. Next, you have to squeeze all the water out of your salt lick. This will help your salt lick to last longer and the salt lick will be stronger. 
  6. Line a pan with a trash bag. Pour the mixture into this container.
  7. Place the box in a cool, dry place. Attach a hook or rope before it hardens so that it can be used to hang the salt lick in your rabbit’s hutch.
  8. Allow it to harden for at least 2 weeks.

And that’s how you easily make a DIY homemade salt lick. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can rabbits have saltwater?

Rabbits can have saltwater but it is not recommended. It is not harmful to their health but it is not good unless they have a mineral imbalance in their diet. 

What is wrong with pink salt?

It’s packed with sodium, which can elevate your rabbit’s blood pressure, and if consumed in excess, can lead to a host of health problems including heart failure, kidney stones, and even stomach cancer. It can sometimes contain contaminants as well. 

Final Word

Salt lick is a great way to provide additional minerals for your rabbit. But it’s not a necessity in their daily diet. 

You have to make sure you only provide them with salt lick if your rabbit has a dietary imbalance. Excess salt can also create health problems. 

I hope this article helped all your doubts about salt licks for your rabbit. 

For more questions, comment down below!


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