No, you should not use wood shavings for your bunny. Wood shaving are poisonous to bunnies. It can lead to respiratory problems.

Bunnies defecate where they eat, so feeding them in or near their litter box is a good idea. The majority of experts advise using softwood pellets for bunnies.

As long as it’s aspen, you may use wood shavings. Pine and cedar should not be used as litter for domestic rabbits. They are poisonous and may cause disease.

In this article, we will inform you all about the effects wood shavings on bunnies. So, keep reading!

Can I Use Wood Shavings For My Rabbit?

Are Wood Shavings Safe For Bunnies?

Are Wood Shavings Safe For Bunnies?

No, wood shavings are not safe for bunnies. Wood shavings are similar to sawdust. However, the danger of skin and lung irritation is reduced since they are not as finely broken down.

Wood shavings should be utilized with caution and only in a well-ventilated setting. However, recent studies show that the drying procedure should eliminate hazardous volatile oils and phenols for excellent quality shavings.

We are also aware of concerns that mites may be present in wood shavings. However, we believe that this is highly improbable. Mites have a short life cycle and no host in the packing to support them.

Domestic rabbits should not be littered with pine or cedar. There are superior litters available, such as recyclable paper and aspen shavings. We recommend these to potential adopters and rabbit parents.

Two major issues arise when cedar and pine shavings are used as litter. The first is alterations in the liver’s specialised tools, known as enzymes. This might compromise your rabbit’s ability to manage common drugs recommended by your veterinarian. The second factor is cancer risk in bunnies.

What Wood Shavings Are Safe For Rabbits?

What Wood Shavings Are Safe For Rabbits?

Aspen wood shavings are safe for rabbits. Pine pellets are also acceptable for bunnies. However, the wood shavings that create phenols are the ones to be concerned about.

Aspen shavings are odorless wood shavings that are devoid of fragrant oils. They’re absorbent shavings that are commonly utilized for tiny animals.

Rabbits can consume the shavings from aspen trees. If they happen to chew on one, it’s alright.

They are healthier for them than other softwood shavings like cedar or pine. Soft wood shavings are inferior to recycled paper and aspen shavings.

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid the use of wood shavings as a bedding altogether. Other options are available that are much cheaper and safer.

Can You Use Wood Shavings For Rabbit Bedding?

Yes, certain wood shavings can be used as rabbit bedding. Aspen wood shavings are suitable for use as rabbit cage bedding. Wood shavings manufactured from pine, cedar, or an unknown wood source should be avoided.

Pine and cedar should not be used as bedding for domestic rabbits. Other better litters, such as recycled paper and aspen shavings, are available, and you should recommend these to potential adopters and those who currently own rabbits.

Why Does My Rabbit Eat Wood Shavings?

Rabbits chew and eat wood shavings to keep their teeth from getting too long. This is a natural instinct.

Rabbit teeth are open rooted, which means they can grow indefinitely. Rabbit teeth need to be kept healthy by chewing on wood and eating high-fiber foods.

Any fragrant woods that have not been kiln dried might be toxic. It’s probably not a good idea to allow your bunny to eat shavings. Rabbits do not require wood shavings in their cages.

Can Rabbits Be Allergic To Wood Shavings?

Can Rabbits Be Allergic To Wood Shavings?

Yes, rabbits can be allergic to wood shavings. Rabbits, like their human companions, can be allergic to a variety of irritants.

This included home dust, room fresheners, perfumes. Strong chemicals like as bleach and ammonia, as well as bedding made from pine or cedar shavings, are typical sources of respiratory irritation for bunnies.

Fines and chaffs located in the bottom of their hay bags may cause sneezing in some of our more sensitive bunny friends.

Sneezing might be a sign of a developing respiratory illness. Respiratory infections are far more concerning. This is because they are typically linked with nasal discharge and watery eyes.

Bunnies with respiratory illnesses may become unable to eat or drink, thus complicating the issue. It’s always better to seek the advise of veterinarian, regardless of the reason of your rabbit’s sneezes.

If the sneezes are caused by allergies, you may be able to determine the source and eradicate it from the surroundings by trial and error. If your bun’s sneezing is caused by a respiratory illness, your veterinarian should be able to prescribe the necessary medicine to get him back to normal.

It’s crucial to note that respiratory infections are very infectious. Therefore, make sure your little one’s enclosure is well cleaned. Avoid using wood shavings as bedding for your bunny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Wood Chips In A Rabbits Cage?

Yes, you can use wood chips in a rabbit’s cage. To provide rabbits a variety of textures, some people mix shredded cardboard with wood chips. You may also provide more cushioning by layering various fabrics.

Can Rabbits Hear You?

Yes, rabbits can hear you. They have great hearing, vision, and a strong sense of smell. Rabbits have a hearing range similar to humans, however they can perceive higher frequency noises. Their hearing is extremely acute, and they can perceive noises from great distances.

What Do Rabbits Love The Most?

Rabbits adore eating and eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. A rabbit’s diet should consist mostly of endless amounts of fresh hay grass, and lots of clean water.

Final Words

There are many alternatives for keeping your rabbits warm and happy, as well as several problems to watch out for. Wood shavings are not a good choice of bedding for your bunny.

There are a number of cheap and better alternatives available. You may experiment with several settings to determine which ones your bunny favours.

Each rabbit has an own personality and set of interests. So just though the majority of bunnies like a firm, flat surface, it doesn’t indicate that every bunny would.

Drop down your doubts and queries regarding your bunny and his preferences in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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