If you’ve ever heard a rabbit weep, you’ll understand how upsetting it can be. It’s the type of noise that sticks with you yet is difficult to describe. A whimper, a groan, or even a scream have all been used to describe the sound of a rabbit sobbing.  

Yes, rabbits do cry. Rabbits cry when they are in pain, afraid, or on the verge of dying. Rabbits may make sobbing noises, but they do not shed tears. If your rabbit’s eyes are wet or teary, she might be suffering from a dental problem or an infection.  

When rabbits are unhappy or lonely, they don’t normally produce sobbing noises. They’re more prone to isolate themselves and quit grooming. As a result, pay great attention to your rabbit’s actions when caring for her.  

In this article, we will inform you all about rabbits grooming. So, keep reading!  

Do Rabbits Cry?

Why Do Rabbits Cry?

Why Do Rabbits Cry? 

Rabbits cry for a variety of reasons. These are some of them:  

1. Extreme Hunger

This is only applicable to young rabbits. 

2. Fear

Rabbits may scream in panic if they spot a predator or are caught off guard. Rabbits scream out in terror because they believe they are about to die. 

3. Discomfort

When rabbits are in discomfort, they whine and howl. Urinary Tract Diseases, for example, may cause rabbits to weep when passing pee. 

4. Death

Rabbits are more likely to scream as they approach death. Some owners, on the other hand, claim to have heard a faint, whimpering sound before their rabbit died.  

As a result, rabbits cry when they have a physiological emergency.  

Do Rabbits Cry Tears?

No, rabbits do not cry tears. Rabbits do not weep and do not generate tears. However, rabbits do have tear ducts in their bottom eyelids. This aids in the drainage of excess moisture from the eyes.  

Rabbits do not weep tears whether they are hungry, terrified, or in pain. They also don’t weep while they’re experiencing other emotions, such as loneliness.  

The eyes of a rabbit should be clear and glassy. It’s a medical problem, not an emotional one, if your rabbit’s eyes are wet and gunky. If the fur behind the eyes is damp, your rabbit is most likely suffering from a disease known as ‘Weepy Eye.’  

What Do Rabbit Crying Noises Sound Like?

Because rabbits are loud creatures, distinguishing between distinct noises can be difficult. Rabbit sounds, in fact, can be lost in translation since various owners describe them differently.  

Rabbit ‘crying’ is also known as ‘whimpering’ or ‘grunting’. In severe situations, a cry can resemble a scream.  

New-born bunnies cry more frequently than adult rabbits. A baby rabbit’s cry sounds a lot like a sheep’s bleating.  

Do Rabbits Cry When Sad?

Do Rabbits Cry When Sad?  

Yes, rabbits may cry when they are sad. However, crying in rabbits generally indicates fear, pain, hunger, or death. Crying is seldom triggered by negative feelings like sadness or loneliness.  

That isn’t to suggest that rabbits don’t experience loneliness. Rabbits who live alone are likely to grow lonely and melancholy.  

As a result, when keeping rabbits, sadness is something to be aware about. When rabbits are unhappy or lonely, they may show the following signs: 

  • Lethargy 
  • Getting more sleep than normal 
  • Trying to avoid getting taken up 
  • Appetite changes  
  • Pulling on the fur  

Rabbits are gregarious creatures since they live in groups in the wild. That is why most animal welfare organisations highly advise retaining connected rabbit couples.  

Rabbits, like humans, require social contact in order to develop and be happy. Loneliness is a substantial risk factor for death among bunnies, according to research.  

If a rabbit becomes lonely, it may experience long-term stress and have its immune system weakened. As a result, they will be vulnerable to bacterial and viral illnesses.  

Don’t assume your bunny is fine just because she isn’t crying. Make sure that she’s okay on a frequent basis.  

Do Rabbits Cry When They Die?

Yes, rabbits may cry when they die. When death is near, rabbits are known to make a lot of noise. Rabbits sometimes scream in moments before they die, which can be distressing.  

Some rabbit owners describe hearing whimpering or gentle groaning right before their rabbit dies. However, this is a rare occurrence.  

There have been a number of stories of rabbits sobbing for many seconds before convulsing. Heart attack or E. Cuniculi infection may be the cause of mortality in some circumstances.  

Do Rabbits Cry When In Pain?

Do Rabbits Cry When In Pain? 

Yes, rabbits may cry when they are in pain. Whimpers or grunts are frequently heard as weeping noises.  

Rabbits with urinary tract disorders frequently scream when passing pee. Other illnesses that produce whimpering and weeping include arthritis, GI stasis, and infections.  

If your rabbit is suffering from an illness and is in pain, you may notice any of the following signs: 

  • A slumped or huddled look 
  • Taking more time to eat 
  • Unkempt look 
  • Teeth chattering  

If your rabbit starts crying out of nowhere, it’s possible that she’s in agony. We recommend that you visit a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Why Is My Rabbit Whimpering?

In a variety of settings or circumstances, your rabbit might give out a whine or whimper. It’s not at all unusual.  

Your rabbit may whimper due to the following reasons:  

  • Handling too frequently may cause your bunny to whimper. This may happen in big households since keeping track of who has handled the rabbit and for how long can be difficult.  
  • Inappropriate handling, such as raising your rabbit without supporting its spine.  
  • When a pregnant doe is placed in a dangerous environment, she will generally wail or whine. If she’s put in a cage with a buck, for example.  
  • Your bunny may whimper if she sees a predator.  
  • Temperature changes may cause your bunny to whimper. When rabbits become hot, they emit mild grunting sounds.  

Why Do Bunnies Whine?

If rabbits do not want to be touched, they will whine or whimper. It’s especially likely to come from a pregnant doe that has been placed in a cage with another rabbit. 

The whining is a protest against the situation they’ve found themselves in. This might be a hint that a pregnant doe isn’t interested in a buck’s overtures, or it could be an undesirable cage mate.  

What To Do If A Rabbit Is Crying?

The crying of a rabbit should not be ignored. As previously said, sobbing is frequently the result of a physiological emergency, thus your help may be necessary.  

If you’re caring for a wild young rabbit, keep in mind that some crying is to be expected, especially after twilight. If the infants’ mother has been murdered, or if the weeping lasts most of the day, we recommend that you call a rehabilitation organisation for help.  

If your pet rabbit is crying, she might be in pain, afraid, or on the verge of death. Consider any other symptoms and use your best judgement to determine which scenario is most plausible. We recommend that you visit a veterinarian if your bunny does not stop crying.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rabbits Make Noise When They Are Happy? 

Yes, rabbits make noise when they are happy. Purring, sighing, and honking are some of the sounds rabbits make when they are pleased. Rabbits make sounds to express what they are thinking or feeling.  

Why Do Rabbits Sneeze?  

Sneezing occurs when a rabbit’s nasal canal becomes inflamed. This can happen when an external item, such as a speck of dust, gets stuck in the rabbit’s nose. An internal illness or a build-up of mucus in the nasal tube might also irritate their nose.  

Can Rabbits Eat Grapes? 

Yes, rabbits can eat grapes. However, it has to be in moderation. Sugary fruits like grapes should be consumed in moderation and only as a pleasure. Bunnies if left to their own ways, would choose sugary meals over healthy things.  

Final Words

Rabbits do not cry in the same way that humans do. As previously stated, rabbits do not cry with tears, but humans do.  

Rabbits also scream in reaction to physiological problems such as hunger, pain and death. Humans do it as well, however human sobbing is frequently triggered by emotions such as joy, sadness, loneliness, etc.  

That isn’t to imply that rabbits aren’t affected by their surroundings. It’s merely to point out that rabbit sobbing isn’t always an indication of how sad, lonely, or miserable a rabbit is. Bunny weeping, on the other hand, indicates that your rabbit requires immediate assistance.  

Drop down your doubts and queries regarding your furry bunny and his lifestyle habits in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!  


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