Yes, rabbits blink. Rabbits blink their eyes less frequently than humans. The average human blinks twenty times every minute. The blink rate of certain rabbits is as low as twelve times per hour.  

The nictating membrane is to blame for this. Nitting is the term for when this eyelid blinks. Because rabbits nictate so frequently, they don’t need to blink their outer eyelids.  

Something is wrong if your bunny is blinking constantly. Make sure she doesn’t have anything in her eye. While playing or foraging, your rabbit may have gotten something stuck in her eye.  

If you want to learn more about your bunny blinking, keep reading!  

Do Rabbits Blink?  

Why Is My Rabbit Blinking Frequently?

You bunny may be blinking frequently as she may have just irritated her eye for a short time. While eating, she may have poked herself in the eye with a piece of hay.  

To look for foreign items, do not flash a torch in your rabbit’s eyes. This will certainly blind her and terrify her. Rather, gently drop her eyelid and brush the region. You may use your tiny finger or a soft towel to do this.  

If nothing unusual is discovered, keep an eye on your rabbit for a few hours.  

Check the lights in your house if the blinking continues. Bright lights make rabbits nervous. Because rabbit eyesight is designed to work best at dawn and twilight, your pet will favour low lighting. Rabbits, however, do not have strong night vision.  

An eye infection is possible if the habit continues. Glaucoma or conjunctivitis are further possibilities. Antibiotics may typically resolve such issues, but time is often of the key. Glaucoma, in particular, can be fatal if not treated.  

How Often Do Rabbits Blink?

Rabbits blink ten to twelve times each hour on average. They blink to keep their eyes lubricated and remove any dust or debris that may have gotten into them.  

Rabbits also have a nictitating membrane, which is a third eyelid. The membrane does not actively blink (nictate) but passively covers the cornea.  

The third eyelid does not extend past the cornea. More than two-thirds of the way shuts partially during sleep or anaesthesia.  

Their third eyelid (nictitating membrane) permits them to keep their eyes open for longer periods of time than humans. They blink for just ten to twelve times each hour.  

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Blink?

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Blink?

Rabbits blink, but because they do so seldom, you may not be able to capture them. That is why many individuals doubt their ability to blink at all.  

When rabbits blink, it’s mainly because they have debris in their eyes. They also do it because the weather is dry and they need to lubricate their eyes.  

Rabbits have a third eyelid that never completely shuts. This allows them to sleep with their eyes open and remain awake even while blinking. This is critical for rabbits since they are low on the food chain and face numerous predators in the wild.  

Rabbits blink ten to twelve times per hour on average, but they can blink even fewer if they are afraid or frightened. When they do blink, though, they do so as quickly as humans.  

Because they are typically safer and more comfortable in their predator-free surroundings, pet rabbits blink more frequently than wild rabbits. If your rabbit blinks excessively, it might be an indication of an eye condition, such as an infection.  

Rabbits have a highly developed oculomotor system, which allows them to blink with only one eye. While they would not purposefully wink at you, they may close one eye if one of their eyes is troubling them. In this instance, they’ll keep their other eye open to be attentive.  

Do Rabbits Have Eyelids?

Yes, rabbits have eyelids. Unlike other mammals, they have three eyelids instead of two. The nictating membrane is the scientific name for this third eyelid.  

This membrane does not completely shut. When the rabbit is sleeping, it barely shuts partly. It merely moves a few millimetres past the rabbit’s cornea otherwise.  

The primary function of the third eyelid is to float over the surface of the eye, lubricating it and protecting the rabbit’s cornea from water, sand, and other foreign objects. Humans and other animals simply blink to lubricate their eyes. Rabbits do not need to blink as frequently as humans because of the third eyelid.  

What Does It Mean When A Bunny Squints Its Eyes?

What Does It Mean When A Bunny Squints Its Eyes?  

Your rabbit’s vision is unlike that of any other pet. Rabbits, for example, are partially colour-blind. Their vision deteriorates dramatically in bright surroundings.  

A rabbit’s eyes are positioned on either side of its head. This allows them to see all around them. Rabbits can detect predators approaching in the wild thanks to their farsighted eyesight.  

Your bunny may be squinting it’s eyes because he cannot see properly. Rabbits have blind areas in front of them, behind them, and under their chin.  

Check your rabbit for any changes in behaviour or look on a frequent basis, especially in the eyes. His eyes should be clean and bright with equal-sized pupils.  

Here are a few red flags indicating things isn’t quite right:  

  • Redness 
  • Squinting 
  • Shutting one eye 
  • Blinking 
  • Milky discharge 
  • On the surface of the eye, there is a visible foreign body. 

Do Rabbits Close Their Eyes?

Do Rabbits Close Their Eyes?  

Yes, rabbits have the ability to close their eyes. Baby rabbits, in fact, do not open their eyes until they are roughly ten days old. Adult rabbits, on the other hand, seldom close their eyes completely.  

The reason for this is for your bunny’s own protection. To sleep, rabbits do not need to close their eyelids. Rabbits may sleep with their eyes open thanks to the nictating membrane.  

This keeps the rabbit aware to danger and allows it to run rapidly if required. Rabbits shut their eyes for one of three reasons: 

Your bunny is tired and has slipped into a deep slumber. This will happen only if your bunny is entirely secure. A rabbit that is new to a house rarely closes her eyes. 

Petting or grooming your rabbit is a pleasurable experience. Do not stop if your pet shuts her eyes while you are doing this. She enjoys the attention and is utterly unconcerned. 

Your rabbit is suffering from a medical problem that prevents her from opening her eyes. Cleaning the eyes is a good way to deal with this. Don’t take her to the vet without first cleaning her eyes.  

You’ll be able to tell whether your rabbit is asleep or calm. She could just turn over and close her eyes and go asleep. This is usual after mid-morning activity, when rabbits are at their most active.  

This might appear frightening, as it resembles cardiac failure. It’s called flopping, and it’s a normal activity. Carry your pet to the hutch where she lives. Make her feel at ease and then leave her alone.  

A satisfied rabbit shutting her eyes in joy is unmistakable. This behaviour will be accompanied by purring, teeth or other pleasurable sounds.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Rabbit Closes Its Eyes When I Pet It? 

Your rabbit closes it’s eyes when you pet it as he is happy and contented. They rest their heads on the ground and close their eyes.  

What Should My Bunny’s Eyes Look Like? 

The eyes of a healthy rabbit are clear and brilliant. The eye tissue should be pink. It should not be red or extremely pale, when you pull up or down on the eyelid. Infection can be detected by red, inflamed eye tissue or discharge from the eyes.  

Do Rabbits Thump When They Are Happy? 

Yes, rabbits can thump when they are happy. When your rabbit is frisking around, you may observe that thumping is a component of exuberant behavior.  

Final Words

Rabbits are prey animals, which means they rely on their vision and other senses to keep predators at bay. Rabbits seldom blink and sleep with their eyes open because they are always on the alert for predators.  

Rabbits do not blink in a visible way to humans. If your pet never blinks, don’t be concerned. Her nictating membrane is taking care of everything.  

If you do see your pet blink, it’s probably more problematic. Keep a close eye on her eye movements. A rabbit’s eyes should be open more than closed at all times.  

Drop down your doubts and queries regarding your furry bunny in the comment section below. We will answer them soon! 


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