We understand that you want to be the best bunny parent in the neighborhood. This might cover everything from feeding your rabbit the best grass hays to setting up their cage and choosing rabbit bedding.

Often, bunny parents are confused about whether they should use straw or hay as their bunny’s bedding. Maybe you’re going through the same dilemma. Do not worry as we are here to help you with that.

Straw and hay are both dried grass products that seem similar. However, hay is better for your rabbit’s nutrition, whilst straw is just useful for bedding.

Rabbits require hay to survive. In fact, a rabbit fed only hay and water would be better off than one fed commercial pellets and water. A rabbit that exclusively ate straw, on the other hand, would rapidly become ill.

In this article, we will inform you all about the use of hay and straw for your bunny. So, keep reading!

Should I Use Hay Or Straw As Bedding For Rabbits?

Can Rabbits Sleep On Hay?

Yes, rabbits can sleep on hay. The majority of rabbits like to sleep on hay since it is soft and fun to play with. This sort of bedding may be cultivated in the home or on a farm.

However, as a pet parent you should be cautious since your bunny may mistake their hay bedding for litter. Hay may not be the ideal bedding option for bunny paw health.

Hay has certain disadvantages, despite its appeal as a bedding material. When it comes into contact with rabbit excrement and pee, hay can become sticky and dirty.

Can You Use Hay As Bedding For Rabbits?

Yes, you can use hay as a bedding for rabbits. However, it is more expensive and less absorbent.

If you don’t have any other bedding option and only have hay, we recommend using it as a bedding. To avoid your rabbit gaining weight from eating the hay, make sure you choose grass hay. Use Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass, or Mountain Grass instead of Alfalfa Hay.

What Kind Of Hay Do You Use For Rabbit Bedding?

What Kind Of Hay Do You Use For Rabbit Bedding?

Hay is harvested from grass and legume-rich pastures. Rabbits enjoy alfalfa hay, but too much is harmful to them. Timothy hay, on the other hand, is an excellent source of protein. We recommend mixing the two the achieve the best results for your bunny.

Hay has been utilized as a bedding for our bunnies for many years. Hay is ideal for keeping rabbit hutches warm and comfortable. If not properly stored and exposed to the outdoors, however, it may rapidly grow moist moldy.

When choosing hay for your bunny’s bedding, make sure it has a pleasant scent. It should also be as dust-free as possible, and completely mold-free.

This is also crucial if you’re searching for hay to feed your bun. This is because they won’t be able to tell the difference and will eat both.

Other bedding materials, such as a paper-based product, may be more appropriate. Bunnies will not eat hay that has been pooped and peed on as a result of this.

Do Rabbits Like Sleeping On Hay?

Yes, rabbits like sleeping on hay. Hay is an excellent rabbit bedding option since it is all-natural and is already a part of the rabbit’s diet and daily routine. However, if you use hay bedding, your rabbit will consume it the same way it eats its normal hay.

This isn’t an issue if you’re using clean, nutritious hay. However, you’ll need to replace the bedding more regularly to keep it fresh for your rabbit to consume. You may need to replace it every two or three days.

How Do I Find Good Quality Hay For My Bunny?

How Do I Find Good Quality Hay For My Bunny?

When seeking for good quality hay for your bunny, consider the following factors:

1. Appearance

Everything revolves around the leaf. You’re looking for hay with a lot of leaf content. Hay that has a lot of stalk and mature sees heads has been baled past its prime.

2. Color

The color of good hay ranges from pale green to pale gold. If the crop seems drab and brown, it’s likely that it was rained on while drying. The best place to check the color of your hay is in the center of the bale, not on the outside.

This is because the hay can be bleached by sunlight. However, don’t be put off by this. It only signifies that it has spent its days on the haystack’s exterior.

3. Mold

Mold can appear as darker discoloration in regions. However, it is not always obvious. You’ll be able to smell whether the bale is moldy.

4. Smell

The lovely fragrance of fresh hay is irresistible to most people. The majority of packed hay will allow you to smell it through the container. If the hay smells musty, and almost metallic, it has most likely been contaminated by mold.

5. Dust

While you’re inspecting the appearance and odor, keep an eye on how much dust is being created. Dust can irritate a bunny’s sensitive respiratory system. Therefore, dusty hay should not be used. Even if it’s just for bedding!

One of the most difficult aspects of bedding rabbits on hay is preventing them from eating anything they’ve recently peed on. However, your bunny will eat the hay if it smells and tastes nice. They don’t know the difference between the material you’ve left them to sleep on and the pile you’ve left them to nibble.

Rabbits eating hay that they’ve urinated on will create health problems. As a result, utilizing a different bedding source other than hay is the safer choice. A paper-based bedding is perfect since it is generally dust-free and hypoallergenic.

Can I Use Straw Bedding For Rabbits?

Yes, you can use straw as a bedding for bunnies. Straw has a lesser nutritional content than hay. Thus, it isn’t a good substitute for grass.

However, if you’re using it as bedding, sprinkle some hay on top for your rabbit to eat. It’s totally okay if your rabbit nibbles on the straw as well.

What Kind Of Straw Do You Use For Rabbit Bedding?

What Kind Of Straw Do You Use For Rabbit Bedding?

For warmth and comfort, we recommend an excellent quality soft straw bedding. It’s both warm and absorbent, thanks to the hollow threads that retain warm air.

It’s critical to know the distinction between hay and straw. Hay is a type of dried grass that is essential to a rabbit’s diet.

Straw, which is made out of dried stalks from grain crops, is considerably better for bedding since. This is because it is warmer and less prone to be eaten.

It’s not an issue if rabbits consume straw. However, there aren’t many nutrients in it. Therefore, they need to be fed high-quality hay. While selecting straw, use the same caution you would when selecting hay.

To reduce the danger of eye injury, the straw must be dust-free, sweet-smelling, and as soft as possible. While buying straw directly from the farm is likely to be less expensive, it will not have been dusted and may be harsh and spiky.

Straw is widely used as bedding to keep rabbits warm on frigid winter evenings since it is a great insulator. However, is not an acceptable alternative for grass since it has less nutrients than hay.

Sprinkle some hay on top for your rabbit to consume if you’re using it as bedding. It’s quite okay if your rabbit also nibbles on the straw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put Straw In My Rabbit’s Cage?

Yes, you can put straw in your rabbit’s cage. Straw is less expensive than hay and serves as a decent insulator. However, you can also provide hay for your rabbit to cover the majority of the straw.

What Bedding Should You Not Use For Rabbits?

Pine and cedar should not be used as bedding for rabbits. Other better litters, such as recycled paper and aspen shavings, are available as superior beddings.

How Often Do You Change Rabbit Bedding?

To maintain the cage smelling fresh and the rabbit feeling comfortable, the bedding should be replaced on a regular basis. Once every month or two, the bedding should be entirely replaced and the cage cleaned.

Final Words

Bedding should be supplied to provide extra insulation, a hiding place, and something to gnaw on for your rabbit. It should be clean and dry, as well as safe to consume for your rabbit.

Hay and straw are both acceptable options for rabbit bedding. Your bunny’s hay doesn’t have to be piled in a corner of the house. It may be distributed throughout the house to encourage your rabbit to browse while getting some exercise.

Hay racks and balls can be used for environmental and behavioural enrichment. It can also be used to make hay chewing more difficult.

A rabbit appreciates mental stimulation. Therefore, make a delectable chore even more thrilling to keep their small minds working.

Drop down your doubts and queries regarding your bunny’s health and lifestyle in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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