When bunnies lick, it’s because that is a show of the sign of a bond. It’s a sign of showing affection and grooming each other in this way. These energetic toddlers can be often seen hopping around and licking.

Rabbits will often lick and groom when they feel safe and comfortable. That is a pattern observed in bunnies and it is used to show what they are feeling or been trying to communicate.  One of those is licking.

Why Do Rabbits Lick You

What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Licks You?

What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Licks You?

When you love your pet rabbit and show them care and affection when it’s needed, they will lick you because they display affection in this manner.

By a little lick, they show trust and love towards you. In return for that, they might want or indicate that they want some love back as all typical pets do.

It is a common bunny behavior among herds that can be seen in them. They are social creatures and will thus be affectionate towards one another.

Licking is one such means of showing love to those who they trust and want love from.

Pet rabbits or domesticated rabbits still want to show their love. When they feel or find someone they really love or feel strongly about, then they will come up to them and give that person a lick.

Why Do Rabbits Lick When You Pet Them?

Why Do Rabbits Lick When You Pet Them?

So fondness, love, sentiments, and affection are all needed when you make a bond with someone, especially if it’s your pet.

So, if your rabbit is licking you whenever you pet it, or when you’re moving around in their hutch, you can relax.

It is the result of the trust built between you and your bunny, so in return for your love and attention, they lick you. In fact, this behavior is common among rabbits as well.

Bunnies at first make sure that they are safe and comfortable or not with the person they are living with and if they are, then they will often lick and groom. This is one of many ways that rabbits express feeling happy or safe.

What Are Other Signs of Rabbit Affection?

There are 5 signs in a rabbit’s body language that show the rabbit’s affection:

The little twist in the air, jumping for joy, super-fast run by your bunny. This is called binkying.

It’s the way rabbits show that they are totally comfortable, relaxed, and happy with you. you have successfully passed their vibe check. Just keep enjoying your little pet’s actions of joy and show them love when they want in return.


You might have heard this word before. It’s exactly what rabbits use to show their true signs of affection towards you. This means they are involving you in their grooming, in the same way, they would when grooming a rabbit they’re bonded to.

Sometimes, when your rabbit might be feeling frustrated and/or scared, it’s better to give them some space at that time, and then you use your ways towards your pet to make them calmer and feel sociable again.

A friendly lick is another way your rabbit can show affection towards you.

They will do this if they’re feeling relaxed and secure when they are with you, sitting in your lap or if you are feeding them in your embrace. They may hop up on your lap when you are sitting and can lick your hand. They like to groom those who make bunnies feel safe and lovable.

Flopping is one of those five ways in which your pet rabbit can show how comfortable and safe they feel when with you.

This happens when rabbits are super chill and feel no threat. At first glance, it may seem that they are not interested in you or just taking a rest, but actually, if your bunny is lying stretched out right in your presence, that is a great sign.

Nudging, head butting, or rubbing against you is a rabbit’s body language for loving attention. A rabbit usually does this when they recognize your scent and have a great bonding with you.

What If My Rabbit Doesn’t Lick Me?

What If My Rabbit Doesn’t Lick Me?

If your rabbit doesn’t lick you, it is not something you should be thinking of or concerned about.

It does not mean that they are not feeling safe or lovable towards you, because there are plenty of ways in which a rabbit can show their trust and affection toward you.

And the reason for not licking you can be plenty. like maybe they use another behavior to show love towards you. So make sure to interact with them regularly and to handle them gently and with care.

Try to build a strong bond with it, like hand-feeding, playing with them, spending time with them, and making them feel safe.

Perhaps they will show their trust and love in another way, as there are other rabbit behaviors too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do rabbits lick things?

Rabbits lick their fur to groom. Rabbits love being clean and will conduct grooming sessions several times a day. Rabbits will also lick each other for three main reasons. Grooming, bonding, and hierarchy. Rabbits are very social creatures and will groom each other to bond and show affection. Rabbits also have a strict hierarchy, and dominant members will lick the eyes and ears of other members after a show of submission. A rabbit will also groom its owner as a show of affection – or to say that you smell and need to take a shower.

2. Rabbit licking wall?

My rabbits lick moist walls having some white patches of salt. The walls are plastered and painted with normal acrylic paints. Some patches have moisture and the paint might have peeled off due to that.

3. Why does my bunny lick me and then bite?

When a rabbit nibbles or bites you softly it is often accompanied by licking, which is a sign of love. rabbit may have aggression issues. A thing called “ threat biting” may occur, which is when your rabbit bears his teeth at you but doesn’t actually bite you nor does he want to.

Why is my rabbit digging at me and biting my clothes?

Often, digging at clothes is just their way to get at your skin. They don’t know what that stuff is that is covering you. They do this because they might get your smell or something related to you.


Rabbits are social animals, they show many signs of affection. One of them is by licking, when your bunny licks you, it means they love you and consider you as safe and a person for them to be close to as they want to be a part of the family.


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