As a bunny parent, there may be a number of things your rabbit does that may seem weird. You may find your bunny digging into their litter box. This may lead you to wonder, why is my bunny digging into his litter box?

Your bunny may be digging into their litter box in an attempt to communicate with you. However, it could also be the only diggable site accessible to them. Rabbits excavate in order to meet a wide range of physical and mental requirements.

In this article, we will inform you about the various reasons rabbits dig into their litter box. We will also inform you about the ways this behavior can be curbed. So, keep reading!

Why Do Rabbits Dig In Their Litter Box?

Why Is My Rabbit Digging In His Litter Box? 

Why Is My Rabbit Digging In His Litter Box? 

Figuring out what’s driving your bunny to dig is critical to getting them back on the right track. Your rabbit may be digging in his litter box for the following reasons:

1. Enjoyment

Rabbits are naturally drawn to digging. In the wild, they dwell in mazes of tunnels hundreds of feet below the earth. As a result, they are able to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also protects them from predators. 

Therefore, your bunny may use his litter box as an outlet for this natural activity. They may do it if they don’t have any other options. 

2. Exercise

Rabbits may have a soft and cuddly demeanour. However, they are very athletic creatures. The ability to outrun predators is essential for life in the wild.

Rabbits, on the other hand, need exercise to keep their muscles in good condition. If there aren’t many other options available to them, digging is a terrific way for them to stay fit. 

3. Irritation

With their alertness, intelligence, and curiosity, rabbits are a fun group of pets to have. If their environment is dull and lacks items to keep them entertained, they will look for stimulation elsewhere.

They may do it by removing their litter box and rummaging about in it. According to a research, repetitive activities like constantly emptying the litter box were shown to be a common way for rabbits to cope with boredom.

4. Attention

Rabbits thrive on interaction. To gain your attention, you may have attempted to dig into their litter box.

If your daily schedule suddenly shifts and you’re no longer present to offer them attention at the times they expect you to be, they may start digging in their litter. This is a way for them to show their dissatisfaction. 

5. Change In Litter

There are a number of reasonswhy  a rabbit may suddenly begin digging in its litter. This may include the introduction of a new kind of litter. 

Changing brands of litter unexpectedly might throw off the balance in the litter box. Also, if the litter in their box has grown excessively filthy, they may not enjoy it. 

How To Stop Rabbit From Digging In Litter Box? 

How To Stop Rabbit From Digging In Litter Box? 

You may stop your bunny from digging into the litter box by following these steps:

1. Start With New Litter

If your bunny’s digging coincides with attempting a new sort of litter, go back to the old one. You may also consider switching to a different litter if the issue has persisted since you began litter training. 

2. Clean Your Litter Box

It may have been a long time since you last cleaned your rabbit’s litter box. As rabbits are extremely clean animals, they may not like the smell of the dirty litter box. Digging the box is a way for them to say that it is time for you to clean it.

3. Designate A Specific Area For Digging

For a rabbit, there are several benefits to digging in a secure and proper location. Having fun, using their natural instincts, and preventing boredom are all benefits of digging. 

You may assign a specific area to meet your rabbit’s digging needs. If you’ve got a high-sided cardboard box, you may cut a doorway. Fill it with crumpled up newspaper or old towels cut into strips to make a place to dig. 

Put a corrugated cardboard scratching box at the very bottom for added attraction. Digging will be fun for your bunny.

4. Increase Toys

If your rabbit is digging because he has nothing better to do, you may get him more toys to play with. Sniffing, gnawing, scratching, and climbing on a variety of toys is beneficial for bunnies in general. 

5. Give Them Company

Rabbits’ mental and emotional well-being relies on regular contact and interaction with their human caregivers. You may help reduce undesired habits like digging in the litter box by pledging to spend more time socialising with your rabbit. 

It’s a good idea to spend some time getting to know your rabbit. You may also give them treats before you begin emptying and refilling their litter box. 

This will assist in keeping your bunny from using the litter box as a means of claiming their own space. 

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, consider managing it. You may keep the digging under control by: 

  • Making the switch to a high-sided litter box.
  • Making use of a bigger tray.
  • Putting the litter box with a wipe-clean pad below. It can be simply removed and tossed over the garbage can. 

Why Is My Rabbit Destroying His Litter Box? 

Your rabbit may be destroying his litter box because he is bored. Some rabbits like to create a nasty mess in their litter box by digging in it. Digging is the only thing left for a bunny to do if they are housed in a cage that is too small. If the bunny is lacking in enrichment activities, they may start to dig. 

You may stop your bunny by ensuring that he is not bored. Ensure that they have lots of room and plenty of time to run about. Assemble a wide range of playthings for your rabbit, such as chew toys and digging gadgets. 

Rabbits are very sociable animals, so you’ll want to make sure you show them plenty of love every day. 

If none of the other suggestions work, it could mean that your rabbit simply likes digging in their litter box. To keep your rabbit from creating a sloppy mess, put some effort into cleaning up after him. 

For example, you may try using a covered litter box. You may also give your rabbit a box with high sides that will collect most of their flying litter. Your rabbit’s litter box may also be placed in a bigger plastic container to collect any litter that flies out. It will be much simpler to clean up this way. 

Why Does My Rabbit Flip His Litter Box? 

Rabbits clean not just their own bodies, but those around them, as well. It’s possible they’ll feel the impulse to overturn a litter box if they encounter one that’s filthy.

Your rabbit may flip his litter box if it has previously been used by another pet. If he receives the scnet of someone else from the box, he may flip. This is his way of expressing his dissatisfaction.

How Do I Stop My Bunny From Flipping His Litter Box?

How Do I Stop My Bunny From Flipping His Litter Box?

You may stop your bunny from flipping his litter box by following these steps:

1. Shape And Size

Litter boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The rabbit’s litter box should be twice as large as the rabbit itself. The rabbit’s height also influences the litter box’s dimensions. 

Large rabbits may be housed in unenclosed or open cages. It is preferable to choose a hefty box with rounded corners and a somewhat rough surface. 

Rabbits with arthritis or obesity may benefit from unenclosed, sagging, low-rimmed boxes. 

2. Easy To Clean Litter

Using an old, worn-out litter box might cause rabbits’ butts to get irritated and inflamed. Litter box kicking may be avoided by using soft, germ-free materials. 

Litter boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, so it’s important that you choose a litter box that is comfortable for your rabbit to use.

An open box is a low-cost option that’s also simple to clean. To avoid any mishaps, you may want to keep a close check on your rabbit.

Cost-effective and time-saving, sifting boxes are an excellent alternative to the manual scooping of litter. Clean bedding material may be sifted out of the garbage. 

Unlike open containers, covered litter boxes have a covering that prevents the bad odours from escaping into the atmosphere. Covered boxes, as you would think, are more difficult to clean. 

3. Odor Absorbers

Smells stay even if you clean your litter box according to procedure. Your pristine bunnies are disgusted and disturbed by it. 

Adding natural odour removers like charcoal filters and white vinegar to the litter box components may help. Bunnies don’t have any negative consequences from them. 

4. A Well-Balanced Diet

The litter box issue may be reduced by altering the rabbit’s diet. If your bunny’s stomach is irritated by unsanitary and unhealthy food, it may cause mental and physical discomfort.

Bunnies get agitated when they are fed a diet that isn’t balanced. There will be no litter box kicking if your rabbit is fed a healthy diet. Give him plenty of fresh drinking water and high-quality hay or grass. 

5. Keep Litter Boxes Clear

We recommended that you always keep your bunny’s litter box clear. Make sure that the waste is collected and disposed of on a daily basis.

6. Use Several Litter Boxes

One litter box may not be enough for some rabbits. Therefore, your bunny may need to have more than one. For both Boots and Rogers, I use at least two litter boxes. It’s an extra layer of protection in the event of a spill. It’s a good idea to introduce your rabbit to a new litter box from time to time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Does My Rabbit Dig And Pee?

It is common for rabbits to spend their time digging and peeing in their litter boxes as a kind of entertainment. To relieve their boredom, rabbits will dig in their litter box if their cage is left unattended for long periods of time. 

How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?

Rabbits may live for eight years or more. Many can survive for twelve years or more. Domestic rabbits, unlike wild rabbits, have regular access to food and secure places to hide. This will allow them to avoid continual stress and predators.

Can Rabbits Eat Banana?

Yes, bananas are safe for rabbits to consume. Bunnies appear to like the taste of bananas. If you wash the banana peel beforehand, you may give them little portions of it.However, give your rabbit bunny onle on an occasional basis. Sugar may have negative effects on your bunny’s health. 

Final Words 

A rabbit digging in their litter box might be caused by a variety of variables. Fortunately, there is a solution to this weird, messy behavior.

In order to stop your rabbit from digging into their litter box, give them plenty of attention. Also, make sure that your bunny’s litter box is clean and safe for them to use.

We hope that this article has been able to answer all your queries regarding your bunny’s digging habits. If you have anymore queries, drop them in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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