Is your rabbit peeing at the same spot? Have you tried everything to litter train your bunny?

Rabbits choose one place to litter. This is done as an action to mark their territory. This behavior is seen in both domestic and wild rabbits.

Don’t worry, because we are gonna look into the most effective tips and tricks to litter train your little bunny friend. 

Let’s hop straight in!


Do Rabbits Urinate In The Same Place?

Rabbits are very cute. But what is one of their habits that we think is not cute? They tend to urinate at the same place again and again. This behavior is seen in wild rabbits as well as domestic animals.

Because rabbits urinate and litter in the same place there is a conception that they are dirty animals. Well, that’s not true! Rabbits make amazing domestic animals and feed your house. What you need is to properly train them… 

Why Do Rabbits Urinate At The Same Place?

Rabbits do tend to urinate in the same place. The most widely recognized reason for rabbits urinating is unneutered rabbits needing to mark their territory.

Studies and perceptions have shown a similar way of behaving in wild rabbits, as well as homegrown rabbits. In wild rabbit provinces, the most prevailing male rabbit will frequently splash and imprint different bunnies in a similar state, as well as the actual region.  

But this is normal and many rabbit owners have encountered this issue. Don’t worry and keep reading to find all your answers…

How To Get A Rabbit To Stop Peeing In The Same Spot?

First and foremost, you have to understand that it is perfectly normal for your rabbit to pee or litter at the same spot because it is natural for them to do so as a way of marking their territory.

So, if you are being tormented by rabbit pee, you’ll probably need to know how you might want to stop this smelly, untidy way of behaving! But worry not, we are gonna discuss some tricks that are gonna stop your rabbit from peeing in the same spot and save you a mess…

How to get a rabbit to stop peeing in the same spot?

1. Clean The Spot

If your rabbit keeps peeing in the same spot, it’s probably because they can still smell their urine at that spot.

So make sure you clean that spot thoroughly to wipe out any remaining smell of urine and litter.

But this is only a temporary remedy because eventually, they will come back to that same spot. 

2. The ‘NO’ Trick

You can always try the “NO” trick with your rabbit.

When your rabbit litter or urinates on your carpet or your couch or bed, you can always say his name and firmly say ‘NO’. You have to be careful not to be too harsh with them while saying NO.

You should be gentle yet firm. If you get harsh with your rabbit, then it might turn aggressive or panic. 

3. Spaying/ Neutering

Another trick is to get your rabbit spayed or neutered. Consult your vet for this procedure. But again it’s your decision whether you want that for your pet or not. 

4. Litter Training

You can always litter train your Rabbit and make it litter in a litter box. But you can’t have your rabbit litter trained in a day or two. It takes patience and eventually it will be worth it. 

Is It Possible To Litter Train Your Rabbits?

Duh! Of course, you can litter train your rabbit. older rabbits are simpler to train than young ones. A bunny’s ability to focus and skill for acquiring increments as they grow up.

If you have a baby rabbit, stay with it! What’s more, assuming you are choosing whether to embrace a more seasoned rabbit or litter train your more seasoned bunny, take the plunge!

How To Litter Train Your Rabbit?

You have to keep a few important notes in your mind while litter training your rabbit: rabbis tend to spend a lot of their time in their litter box, they sometimes eat a little of their litter and the litter has a strong unpleasant odor.  

how to litter train your rabbit?

1. Litter Training

While trying to litter train your rabbit, make sure you first choose a litter tray that is comfortable for your bunny to hop in and out of. Use a shallow one for your baby rabbits and a deeper and bigger one for your bigger rabbits. 

2. Use More Than One Litter Tray

You can use more than one litter tray around your house to train your rabbit in the initial stage. The more the merrier! You can place one litter tray near the rabbit’s cage, one in the bedroom or kitchen, and another one in the spot your rabbit tends to urinate. 

3. Drop Urine Samples In The Litter Tray

Even if you keep litter boxes, it is not likely for your rabbit to use them from day one. So you have to give a little nudge to your rabbit. You can drop a few of your rabbit’s urine in the litter tray and a few damp tissues with your rabbit’s urine in the litter tray. This will make your rabbit pee in the litter tray itself. 

4. Add Hay To The Tray

You can add hays and straws to the litter tray to make it more comfortable for your rabbit to use the tray. Rabbits spent a lot of time in their litter box, adding hay will make it more comfortable for them.

5. Positive Words

Every time your rabbit uses the litter tray, encourage him/her and say positive words. This has a bigger impact than you think because it will motivate your rabbit to litter in the tray every time. 

6. Treat Your Rabbit

When your rabbit uses the litter tray, give him a little treat of rabbit food or a piece of carrot, or a few raisins. The rabbit will soon link the treat with the litter tray and this way will tend to use the litter tray. This will encourage the rabbit to use the litter tray more.

7. Do Not Disturb Your Rabbit

You have to make sure you should not disturb your bunny while it is in the litter tray. 

How to litter train your rabbit

8. Make Sure Your Rabbit Is Comfortable

You have to keep in mind that the litter box right away will fit your rabbit so you have to change it till your rabbit finds a comfortable one. 

9. Make Sure Your Rabbit Spent Time In The Tray

Rabbits tend to spend a lot of time in the litter box digging or sleeping. This is a good thing because it will encourage your rabbit to urinate and litter in the box itself. 

10. Move The Tray For The Rabbit

Most rabbits tend to find their spot. So observe your rabbit and move the litter tray to the spot that your rabbit uses the most. 

It will take time for your rabbit to adjust to the changes so make sure you up to your training gradually only. So be patient and persistent with your rabbit and don’t push it!

Should I See A Vet If My Rabbit Pees On The Same Spot Every Day?

Rabbits peeing at the same spot is very natural as they do it to mark their territory. It is a normal territorial instinct. Unfortunately, it does pose an inconvenience for pet owners.

It’s important to distinguish your rabbit’s spraying, if it’s normal or if it is inappropriate urination due to environmental or medical factors. In that case, I recommend that you see a vet immediately. 

Excessive rabbit urination isn’t always related to spraying. Excessive urination, or polyuria, can be a sign of many other serious health issues. For instance, rabbits suffering from diabetes may urinate excessively around your house.

What Do You Need To Litter Train Your Rabbit?

  • Litter box 
  • Rabbit safe litter
  • Hay
  • Hay feeder 
  • Food and water bowl
  • Rabbit food
  • Mats
  • Rabbit proofing appliances 
  • At least one book about rabbit care, like The House Rabbit Handbook by Marniell Harriman

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spaying/ Neutering?

Spaying or Neutering are both surgical procedures done to sterilize female and male rabbits respectively. It is better to get your rabbit spayed/neutered before they are 2 years old. It is easier to litter train spayed or neutered rabbits.

How many time do rabbits urinate in a day?

They urinate 2-8 times a day. It varies in different rabbits. It also depends on the age, neuter status and health or the rabbit.

How often should I change rabbit litter?

Ideally, you have to change the rabbit litter every day. You can leave it up to 2 days but never more than that.


Your days of cleaning up after your rabbit’s mess are over. Try out these amazing tips and tricks that have proven to work to train your rabbit.

Don’t forget despite all the effort it will take some time for your rabbit to adjust to the changes. Keep your spirits high and let’s train that rabbit!

Do comment down below which trick was your favorite and which you can’t wait to try out!!


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