Rabbits are hunter-gatherers. Rabbits are hunted by a variety of wild creatures, including foxes, cats, dogs, and raccoons. If your pet rabbit lives outside, you must guarantee that he or she is protected from predators.

In order to keep cats away from rabbits, you may make a predator-proof hutch for your rabbit. It can be made out of solid wood with robust wire mesh and stout fasteners.

Outdoor runs should be covered with a floor to avoid attacks from above from burrowing below. To drive predators away, use motion-activated lights and sprinklers.

In this article, we will inform you how to keep your bunny safe when outdoors and how to make a predator-proof rabbit hutch. So, keep reading!

How To Keep Cats Away From Rabbits?

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

Yes, cats can attack rabbits. Cats are known for chasing, hunting, killing, and playing with smaller animals.

If you’ve ever seen a cat follow and pounce on one of the toys, you’ll understand how good a hunter your cat is. Cats, in fact, like hunting and killing.

They even play a nasty game with their newly captured captives. If a cat has the chance to kill a rabbit, you can guarantee the cat will take advantage of it.

Will A Cat Bite Kill A Rabbit?

Yes, a cat bite may kill a rabbit. Cats have a very nasty bite that may end up making your bunny sick.

Because of your size, you will be okay if a feline bites. However, smaller animals like rabbits will be in serious difficulty if they were bitten by a cat.

Cat saliva also includes microorganisms that may infect a rabbit. Because of the severity of the wounds and bacterial infection, even if the rabbit does not die right away, it will most certainly die soon after.

Do Cats Always Eat The Rabbits They Kill?

Yes, cats may eat the rabbit they kill. Cats have been known to murder numerous things they don’t even consume because of their need to kill. Granted, if a cat is hungry enough, she will devour a rabbit.

Housecats in captivity, on the other hand, are seldom hungry enough to consume the prey they kill. They’re also pleased with the food you’ve prepared for them.

Cats, on the other hand, have a strong desire to hunt and kill. Thus, they may kill a rabbit simply for the joy of it, with no intention of eating it.

Can Rabbits Defend Themselves Against Cats?

Can Rabbits Defend Themselves Against Cats?

No, rabbits cannot defend themselves against cats. Rabbits have powerful fangs and claws, but that does not imply they are capable of self-defense. Chewing and digging are the primary functions of their teeth and claws.

The greatest defensive ability of a rabbit is its speed. Rabbits are very swift, and their initial impulse when challenged by a predator is to flee. Pet rabbits, on the other hand, are unable to do so since they are confined to a cage, enclosure, or room with no means of escape.

Furthermore, when approached by a predator, tame rabbits often freeze. They get so frightened that they stop moving, exposing them to even greater danger.

Rabbits may use their fangs and claws as a last option in self-defense. A cat or any other predator, on the other hand, is no match for them. It is your obligation as a pet parent to ensure that your rabbit is safe from any possible dangers.

If you can’t keep your rabbits secure in their outside habitat, you might consider bringing them inside. There’s no reason why rabbits can’t be litter box trained. Just make sure your home is rabbit-proof before a bunny comes in.

Rabbits kept in captivity are vulnerable to cats. If you’re concerned about your rabbit’s safety, you’ll need to construct a cat-proof cage for it.

Something made of metal that can endure the claws and fangs of a cat. You won’t have to worry about your rabbit since it’ll be secure within this cat-proof cage.

How Do I Keep Cats Out Of My Garden With Rabbits?

You can keep cats out of your garden in order to protect your rabbits by following these methods:  

  • Do not feed cats or other pets. If you feed cats, they are more likely to return. 
  • To make it harder for cats to dig, put shrubs close together. You may also cultivate thorny plants, or use tiny stones or chippings. 
  • Keep flowerbeds well-watered since some cats dislike moist soil. 
  • By yelling or clapping, shoo them away. 
  • Install a motion-detecting automated spray. 
  • High, close-boarded fences make it tough to access the garden.

How Do You Cat Proof A Rabbit Cage?

How Do You Cat Proof A Rabbit Cage?

Although cats are natural predators of rabbits, they may learn to coexist as pals. However, ensuring that your rabbit cage is cat-proof is the easiest approach to educate a cat to leave your bunny alone. You should do it when you first bring home an indoor pet rabbit or when you are housing a bunny outdoors.

In order to cat proof a rabbit cage, all holes (including the top) must be covered and fastened with locking latches to keep cats out of your rabbit cage. Cats most often get access to rabbit cages via unprotected or inadequately secured apertures.

Make sure that all of the cage entrances are closed to make a cat-proof rabbit cage. There will be no gaps that will be left unfilled.

Your rabbit will have troubles as a result of this. Locking latches are critical in this cage because they reduce the chance of door openings.

Cats, as we all know, rush into the cage when they discover an exposed spot or any other hole through which you may enter swiftly.

What Are The Methods For Making Cat Proof Rabbit Cage?

You can create a cat-proof rabbit cage using a variety of approaches. Make sure there is no entry in your DIY hutch or cage. Make the cage metallic or cover it with a layer of metal.

Rabbits have a natural instinct to dig, and any predator may easily rush into the tunnels dug by rabbits. As a result, a metal subfloor is required. Make sure there are no unopened areas where your pet may get into trouble.

You should have all of the necessary tools to create a predator or cat-proof rabbit cage at home. For creating a cat-proof rabbit hutch, measuring tape, chicken wires, or metallic ground are essential.

To begin, dig a 3-foot-deep trench around the perimeter of the building and lay the metallic sheets on the floors. Then, using sand or dirt, fill the excavating area. You may construct a cat-proof rabbit cage by measuring chicken wires or iron wires.

If you have a large number of rabbits, design the cage to accommodate them. Keep in mind that no opening will be left unattended. Predators may easily hunt your rabbits if there are any open openings.

How Do I Keep Cats Away From Rabbits?

How Do I Keep Cats Away From Rabbits?

Your rabbit is also likely to be mistaken for food by cats. Cats are predators, whereas rabbits are prey. Cats are hard-wired to chase anything tiny and hairy by nature (or feathered).

A cat will eat everything, including birds, mice, and rabbits. They hunt for enjoyment as well, so feeding your cat won’t stop them from attacking.

Some cats and bunnies get along well. It is, however, an exception rather than the norm. If you have a cat, we would never advocate having a pet rabbit, and vice versa.

Your neighbors’ cats, on the other hand, may wander into your property.

Here are some ways on how to keep cats away from rabbits:

1. Fences

Fencing that keeps cats out. If a cat attempts to climb over them, the rollers at the top spin. Sharp spikes may also be purchased to put along the top of your fence.

2. Repellent

Repellent for cats are also available. Citrus is repulsive to cats. Fresh lemon and orange peels may be scattered over your yard. Ultrasonic “cat alarms” that generate a high-frequency noise that cats despise are also available.

3. Sprinklers

Sprinklers that are actuated by movement may also be used. Water is something that cats despise. They’ll quickly avoid your yard if they’re splashed in the face once or twice.

4. Cage 

Rabbit cage that is safe for cats may be constructed. Even if you are unable to keep cats out of your yard, your rabbit will be protected.

For the greatest results, use a mix of procedures. Cats are clever creatures that will exploit whatever flaw they may discover if they are determined enough.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can A Rabbit Defend Itself From A Cat? 

Rabbits may fight when cornered. Rabbits can defend themselves against smaller predators, such as cats. They can do it by utilizing their rear legs, claws, and teeth. The purpose of a rabbit attacking another animal is usually not to kill the predator.

Are Cats A Danger To Rabbits?

Cats do pose a threat to rabbits. They have an innate desire to hunt, and a rabbit provides an excellent chance to do so. If your neighborhood has feral cats or if your neighbors have cats, you must anticipate that they will represent a threat to your rabbit.  

Is Cat Saliva Toxic To Bunnies?

In their saliva, cats carry incredibly strong viral poisons. Rabbits may get poisoned by them. If left untreated, a puncture wound or scrape may overwhelm a rabbit with illness.

Final Words  

Cats will hunt and devour a variety of small animals, including mice and rabbits. In fact, a cat may kill a rabbit for no other reason than to devour it.  

Cats have a strong desire to hunt and kill, and it’s part of their natural drive. If you have a pet cat, you should attempt to keep it away from rabbits to avoid contracting tularemia.  

To keep your rabbit secure from neighbouring cats, make sure it’s safely stowed away in a cat-proof cage.  

Drop down your queries regarding your furry friend in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!  


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