It is well-known that rabbits are clever and inquisitive. If bunnies don’t have enough room to play or toys to keep them occupied, they rapidly get bored. If you’ve ever had to deal with a bored bunny, you’ll know that it may be dangerous. 

Sniffing, nudging, gnawing, and burrowing are all common methods of investigation used by rabbits. They’re cunning, resourceful, and tenacious all at the same time. 

Yes, rabbits like cat trees and toys. Their natural instincts are satisfied by these toys. Also, these toys prevent them from getting bored. 

Rabbits need enrichment in order to thrive. As long as you give them something they can play with, they’ll have a good time. 

In this article, we will inform you all about rabbits and their love for playing with toys. So, keep reading! 

Do Rabbits Like Cat Trees And Toys?

Why Are Toys Important For Rabbits? 

Why Are Toys Important For Rabbits?

There are several benefits to playing with toys. These include : 

1. Mental Exercise 

When you’re not home, your rabbit, particularly a lonely one, will become bored if you don’t provide him with stimulating things to keep him busy. Depressive and/or destructive behaviour might result from this. 

Toys may help your rabbit have a longer and more fulfilling life by stimulating his curiosity. It may enable him to explore his environment and encourage him to develop and learn as a result. 

2. Physical Stimulation 

In order to keep your rabbit physically and mentally fit, you must provide her with safe activities. Your bunny requires a variety of climbing, crawling, hopping, digging, and chewing opportunities. 

Your rabbit may grow overweight or sad if it doesn’t have an outlet for his or her physical requirements. 

3. Protects Home 

Toys have a dual purpose for your bunnies. They entertain your rabbit and keep your home secure. Bunny proofing your house is almost complete if you provide your rabbit with a variety of toys that are appropriate for his age, gender, and temperament. 

Can Rabbits Use Cat Trees? 

Yes, rabbits may use cat trees. When it comes to boisterous, outgoing rabbits, the usual rule is that they like to stay on the ground. They appreciate both the excitement of the climb and the vista from the summit, much like mountaineers. 

You may stabilise the bottoms of many boxes to allow your rabbit to securely climb from one level to the next. The perches at the top of each level of certain commercial cat trees make them ideal for rabbits as well. 

For example, you may use a ramp and perch combo as a way to get your explorer to the tops of items like his cage. This can be covered in a rug. 

It’s also easy to create a little apartment out of wood or cardboard with holes in the sides for lookouts. Ramps may be used to link the levels. 

What Kind Of Toys Can Rabbits Play With? 

What Kind Of Toys Can Rabbits Play With? 

Your bunny can play with various toys. Some of them can be made at home, while others are commercially available. 

1. Paper

Discarded newspapers, paper bags, and phone directories are all acceptable sources of paper that bunnies can play with. You may also use brown paper to cover your bunnies’ favourite treats. 

2. Cardboard 

Boxes made of cardboard with holes punched into them provide excellent hiding places. As part of their regular diet, these boxes may be filled with hay and healthy snacks. 

3. Tunnels 

Commercially available tunnels, both in plastic and cloth, are available. Build a tunnel out of cardboard boxes and huge ceramic pipes. This will be a fun thing for your bunny to play with. 

4. Mirrors

Mirrors may be a source of solace for rabbits that are housed alone. However, since the relief is very temporary, it’s best used to combat loneliness when your bunny is feeling down. Mirrors should be firmly fixed if they’re being provided to bunnies as a way to negate loneliness. 

5. Other Toys 

Untreated straw, wicker, seagrass mats and baskets, balls, and plastic flower pots are examples of thrown objects. Baby toys such as key rings, rattles, and stacking cups may be useful for rabbits. 

You may also use sturdy cat and parrot toys as playthings for your bunny. Supervise their usage to make sure there aren’t any little bits that might be ingested. Using some of these items, you can hide food. 

Many domestic rabbits engage in digging. Therefore, provide them with a digging box to encourage this behaviour. 

Large plant pots or litter trays filled with dirt, cardboard boxes filled with shredded paper, or sandpits filled with child-friendly sand are all good options for rabbits to dig safely. 

Make sure your rabbits have places to mark their territory with chin secretions, urine, and droppings. Chinning is a rabbit behaviour in which it rubs its chin against an object or portion of its enclosure. 

By tansferring scent gland secretions to the object, the rabbit marks its territory by making the thing smell familiar and comforting. People are unable to perceive these odours. 

Can Rabbits Play With Cat Toys? 

Yes, rabbits can play with cat toys. Cat toys that roll or can be hurled are a favourite among bunnies to play with. 

Cat toys are an excellent alternative toy for your bunny. It helps stimulate your bunny and keeps it occupied. 

Can Bunnies Use Cat Scratchers? 

Yes, bunnies can use cat scratchers. If your rabbit is nibbling on a cat scratcher, you may be certain that it is not gnawing on your furniture or carpet. 

Cat scratchers are made of corrugated cardboard, which is not harmful to rabbits. 

However, rabbits would not benefit from wooden scratchers wrapped in carpet or rope, like those used by cats. Ingesting carpet is a bad idea, and because cat scratching posts aren’t designed with rabbits in mind, they should not be given access to them. 

Are Cat Tunnels Good For Rabbits? 

Are Cat Tunnels Good For Rabbits? 

Yes, cat tunnels are good for rabbits. Rabbits have a natural curiosity for exploring small areas, making a tunnel toy an ideal game for them. 

An easy way to keep your rabbit entertained is with a cloth tunnel. The cloth tunnel can be taken out and put up when not in use. Compared to cardboard or wicker tubes, which tend to disperse debris, they are much more hygienic. 

They may also provide an alternate route for your rabbit to travel if you don’t want him to crawl under your furniture. 

A tunnel is a basic toy that provides a lot of entertainment for your bunny. If your rabbit is an explorer, a tunnel warren with three or four connecting tunnels would be ideal for him. 

The activity tunnels are bigger, yet they can still be stored away when not in use since they can be packed up neatly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Rabbits Like Mazes?

Yes, rabbits like mazes. A rabbit’ survival instincts compel them to mentally map out their surroundings. This is in order to discover escape routes and hideouts. This keeps them constantly on their toes. 

Why Does My Rabbit Scratch The Floor?

Rabbits’ digging is a normal activity. By scratching the floor, your bunny is just satisfying his natural urges. Owners should not be alarmed by it. 

How Do You Make A Cardboard Tunnel For Rabbits?

Using cable ties, secure the form of your cardboard. You may also tape it if your rabbit is not a chewer. To create dens, you may link tunnels together and cut holes in the sides of one to match the ends of another. Then, attach tunnels to boxes to build dens. 

Final Words 

Providing your rabbits with a variety of toys can keep them active and stimulate their natural behaviours. There is no one-size-fits-all toy for rabbits. However, common options include shredded paper, cardboard box homes with holes punched in them, tunnels, and even mirrors to help them feel less alone for a little while. 

Toys for rabbits that promote digging and tossing may be made by providing them with such items. In order to avoid any danger to your rabbit, be sure that all items are non-toxic and free of sharp edges. 

A young or inexperienced rabbit, no matter how many toys you provide, won’t allow you to leave him alone for eight hours. Set up a timetable of freedom that works for both of you by working with your rabbit and learning about his personality traits. 

You may leave him alone for extended lengths of time as he grows older and after he’s been neutered. 

We hope this article has been able to answer all your questions regarding bunnies and their love for toys. If you have any more doubts, drop them in the comment section below. We will answer them soon! 


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