Rabbits are known for their fondness for soft fabrics. All tamed rabbits enjoy blankets and pillows. So, you may be thinking, does my pet bunny like blankets?

Yes, rabbits like blankets. Blankets are an excellent additions to a rabbit’s living quarters. Just stay away from old, threadbare blankets with holes, since they might trap paws.

Also, make sure your pet isn’t ingesting a lot of cloth. However, wrapping your rabbit with a blanket is not a good idea.

She may feel imprisoned and frightened. This might result in damage as she attempts to flee. Place a blanket or towel on the floor and allow your rabbit to arrange it how she like.

If you want to know more about bunnies and their love for blankets, keep reading!

Do Rabbits Like Blankets?

Should I Give My Rabbit A Blanket?

Yes, you can give your bunny a blanket. Soft textiles are a rabbit’s favourite. In your home, your pet will roll about in blankets and towels.

They adore the softness and warmth that such textiles bring. These soft furnishings provide rabbits with a variety of comfort and enjoyment.

There’s the coziness of blankets, and there’s the opportunity to burrow. Rabbits like digging and burrowing to create a warm, dark environment. This resembles the natural impulse to dig a tunnel.

Blankets may help protect a rabbit’s paws while keeping her warm. Metal flooring can be seen in certain rabbit cages. Sore hocks may result as a result of this. This may be avoided with the use of a blanket or towel.

What Kind Of Blankets Do Rabbits Like?

What Kind Of Blankets Do Rabbits Like?

Blankets are a terrific way to dress up your pet’s hutch. While buying a blanket for your pet, keep the following in mind:

  • Never provide a blanket with holes in it. Rabbit paws can get caught in these cracks. This might put your rabbit under a lot of strain. She can injure herself while attempting to break away.
  • The fabric of the blanket will most likely be chewed by your rabbit. She might swallow some of it. Remove the blanket and take her to the vet if she shows indications of digestive distress.
  • It’s possible that your pet will become entangled in the blanket.
  • Alternatively, if she burrows too deeply, she may suffocate.

Keep an eye out for any symptoms of an allergic response in your rabbit. A rabbit’s allergy might be to the cloth, washing detergent, or fabric softener.

If you offer a blanket to your rabbit, don’t take it back and use it yourself. Rabbits have a strong sense of belonging. That blanket is now your pet’s property.

Your rabbit will grow irritable if you try to restore control. Rabbits are known to harbour grudges.

A fleece blanket is advised if you choose to recycle a blanket from your house. This material is soft enough to appeal to rabbits while yet being tough enough to withstand chewing.

 Pet stores carry specialty products if you’re looking for the appropriate blanket for your rabbit’s cage.

These blankets will be made to fit the size and requirements of a rabbit. However, they can be costly.

Do Rabbits Need Blankets At Night?

If you’re still debating whether or not to use blankets for rabbits at night, it’s a personal preference. However, it frequently works well to keep them peaceful. We recommend covering the cage for outdoor rabbits so you know your pet is safe from the elements.

Rabbits want to sleep in a safe environment. They are highly sensitive creatures. If you want to cover your rabbit’s cage, make sure they have enough air and a way to look outside. They can worry or possibly develop breathing difficulties if they don’t.

The most essential thing to remember if your bunny makes a lot of noise in their cage is to be calm. Your pet is most likely seeking your attention. Take it as a compliment and make sure you spend enough time with your rabbit during the day.

Do Blankets Keep Rabbits Warm?

Yes, blankets help in keeping rabbits warm. Rabbits have an incredibly strong tolerance for frigid temperatures. When the seasons change, your rabbit’s body adjusts to the new conditions.

When fall hits, your pet develops a thick fur coat to prepare for the upcoming temperature dip. Regardless, your rabbit may benefit from the extra warmth given by a blanket. This is soothing to rabbits.

A rabbit feels comfortable and secure when he or she is tucked under a blanket. Swaddling your cat in a blanket is not a good idea.

Rabbits despise being confined. You may believe that by securely covering your cat at night, you are doing her a favour. In actuality, this will result in anxiety.

Can Rabbits Have Blankets In Their Cage?

Can Rabbits Have Blankets In Their Cage?

Yes, rabbits can have blankets in their cage. You might want to cover your rabbit’s hutch with a blanket at some point. This is superior to most other types of protection.

A blanket may be used to cover a hutch without obstructing air circulation. If you’re afraid about the blanket slipping off, place it on the ground and weigh it down. If your pet nibbles and nudges the blanket through the bars, this will prevent it from slipping.

There are several reasons to cover your pet’s cage with a blanket:

  • A hutch can be covered to give solitude and darkness. This will aid in the sleep of your rabbit.
  • It shields your bunny from other pets or animals. Your pet will be safer as a result of this.
  • Draughts can be blocked using a blanket. Your rabbit’s hutch must always be dry.
  • It will make a rabbit feel better. She will be less disturbed if she cannot see activities outside her hutch.

Do not cover a rabbit’s hutch with a blanket all day. This will make your pet nervous. It may be a successful approach when used sparingly.

Can You Use Blankets For Rabbit Bedding?

Yes, you can use blankets for rabbit bedding. Rabbits may safely eat tiny amounts of fleece and cotton towels and blankets.

You may use these items to help insulate your rabbit’s housing even if it chews.

Can Bunnies Sleep Under Blankets?

No, bunnies should not sleep under rabbits. Rabbits despise being confined. Your pet will try to release herself, which may result in harm or discomfort.

In her eagerness to get free, your pet may have a heart attack. If your rabbit is wrapped too tightly, she may overheat.

Rabbits prefer to be a little cool rather than extremely hot. When a rabbit is wrapped up, hyperthermia is a definite possibility.

Place a blanket near your rabbit’s bed if you wish to give her one. After that, your rabbit will do whatever she has to in order to feel at ease.

A rabbit, like you, will make his or her bed in the morning. She’ll lay the blanket out just the way she wants it.

Can Bunnies Breathe Under A Blanket?

Can Bunnies Breathe Under A Blanket?

No, bunnies cannot breathe under a blanket. Giving fabric to rabbits as blankets should be closely controlled. For one thing, rabbits should avoid materials with microscopic holes since their little feet might become entangled in them.

It might make bunnies panicked, and agitated, which are harmful to their health. Getting their feet caught in these holes can lead to accidents, especially if the owner is not around.

Another thing to be aware of when the rabbits are covered in blankets is that they may begin to eat the fabric as if they were food, causing them to choke.

Being covered in a blanket can also make it harder for them to breathe, especially if they are sleeping under the blanket for an extended period of time.

Being suffocated under the blanket might cause significant disease and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

Therefore, keep an eye out on your bunny and make sure that they do not get tangled up in their blanket.

Why Does My Rabbit Keep Digging at Her Blanket?

Digging is one of the most natural acts a rabbit can demonstrate. Your rabbit is giving in to a primal urge.

Rabbits dig on blankets for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The blanket has a pleasant silky sensation beneath your rabbit’s paws. Her claws aren’t damaged and she can dig for hours.
  • Your rabbit is curious as to whether she can burrow through the blanket like she does soil or hay. This may keep her entertained for hours.
  • Your rabbit is strewn over the blanket, arranging it as she sees fit. Rabbits aren’t as fond of smooth, tidy blankets as humans are. They enjoy scrunching blankets.

Distract your rabbit if her digging bothers you. Digging is a normal action, but it may be problematic. Your pet may begin digging at the carpet and other surfaces in the house.

How Do I Wash My Rabbit’s Blankets?

You should wash the blankets in your rabbit’s hutch if she has been sick. Hand-wash your bunny’s blanket in a sink or bathtub.

Make a solution with warm water and a few drops of bleach. Any obstinate germs or bacteria will be killed by this method.

If your rabbit’s hutch has fleas, wash all blankets and towels in the washing machine. Make sure to use a high heat setting and a rabbit-safe detergent. Any flea eggs in the blanket will be killed by this method.

If you’re simply doing a normal wash, any method will suffice. Hand washing is an option, with or without bleach. Alternatively, you can just run the towels through a conventional cycle in your own washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blankets A Good Addition To My Rabbit’s Hutch?

Blankets when used properly, make excellent complements to a rabbit’s hutch. They have a variety of uses and provide joy to your pet’s life. However, overheating and choking dangers should all be avoided.

Why Does My Bunny Nibble Clothes?

Rabbits have a natural tendency to burrow. In an attempt to burrow, pet rabbits may chew on carpets, blankets, clothes, and other home goods. The digging impulse of female rabbits is greater than that of male rabbits.

Can I Leave My Rabbit Out At Night?

Bunnies are frequently active long after people have gone to bed. This implies that bunny require a sense of safety and security. It is not a good idea to let a rabbit out at every night.

Final Words

Giving bunnies warm blankets is a fantastic idea, because rabbits like to snuggle with soft fabrics when it’s cold outside. They enjoy rolling about and playing with these soft blankets, especially while they are asleep.

The thick, silky, and smooth blanket assist to warm the rabbits’ bodies, allowing them to sleep well at night.

Choosing the proper fabric for the rabbit’s blanket is critical. In fact, similar to fleece blankets, there are wonderful textiles that are ideal for enveloping the complete bodies of rabbits. Fleece materials are warm, soft, and seamless, making them safe to use around rabbits.

Drop down your doubts and queries regarding your small bunny’s quirky habits in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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