Is your rabbit growling at you? Do you feel it is dangerous? What does a rabbit growling at you mean?

Growling is a sign your rabbit is angry or stressed. Growling can be followed by lunging or scratching. You have to be careful around your rabbit if it’s growling. 

Rabbits make these sounds to communicate. In this article, we will explore more about growling in rabbits. 

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What Does It Mean When Rabbits Growl?

Rabbits are naturally calm and peaceful creatures. So when rabbits make growling sounds, it is something to be looked into. 

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Growl?

Growling is generally associated with aggressive behavior. It is a way of letting people know that they are angry or are not happy with their surroundings. Growling in rabbits is a reminiscence of a purring sound. 

Growling in rabbits can mean different things. We will look into it through this article. 

If your rabbit is growling at a stranger or a new person who came into the house, it is because they are not enjoying their company or presence.

Rabbits are very meticulous and picky about their environment and territory. They don’t like it when strangers invade it. 

Rabbits are very social creatures. They have the policy of giving respect to only the people who respect them back. if someone says any harsh words or is mean to them, they will growl at them as a way of showing their dislike. 

If your bunny is growling at you when you are holding him, it is probably because they are not liking the way you are holding it. This is mostly seen in baby rabbits or rabbits that were mishandled in childhood. You have to let them loose in such cases. 

Bunnies love their personal space and their territory. They mark their territory in every place. If someone else enters their personal space or territory they show their disagreement by growling at them. 

If the rabbit is hurt or is having any health problems, it shows it by growling. In continuous growling, you have to take your rabbit to the vet for a detailed check-up. 

Is It Normal For Bunnies To Growl?

It’s normal for bunnies to show they are scared or angry by growling. It is also very common in rabbits. 

Rabbits usually express themselves by making different sounds. Just like that growling also means something to the rabbits. It is their way of communication.

If the rabbit is growling at you then it is their only way of letting you know that they are angry or scared for some reason. These reasons vary at times. 

For some rabbits, the reason they growl will be because someone stepped into their territory and they are angry. Sometimes it’s their way of telling them they are hurt. 

In some rabbits, growling is a way of showing they are not adjusting well to the environment or the owner. In such cases, you have to be more careful towards them and make sure you are loving to them. 

As a responsible pet owner, you have to understand that it is normal for bunnies to growl. You have to be patient and loving to the rabbits which growl at you. Being harsh to them will only make them more agitated and they can get more aggressive and hurt you. 

What To Do If Your Rabbits Growl At You?

What To Do If Your Rabbits Growl At You?

Rabbits growling at you or other rabbits is a common behavior. If the rabbit is growling at you, first you have to understand the reason for that to treat your rabbit better. 

If your rabbit is growling at you if you are coming close to it or near its cage, it is because you are invading its territory. Extremely territorial rabbits do not like this at all. In such cases, it is better not to invade their space or territory. 

If your rabbit is growling at you while you are holding him, then it is better not to do so. You should only try to hold him gradually.

If the rabbit is new to your home, then you shouldn’t hurry your way to hold it. You should spend more time with the rabbit and let it come to you. And gradually you can make your way to holding them.

Here is a chance that some rabbits growl at another rabbit. This could be a sign of the mating season. Rabbits can become aggressive with their mates. In such cases getting them spayed or neutered can be a solution. 

If they growl at you while you go near their cage to clean it then it is because they are very meticulous about their home and don’t like it when someone invades and meddles there.

In such cases, it is better if you let the rabbits graze on your lawns, and during that interval, you can clean their cages. 

Do Rabbits Growl When They Play?

Rabbits are very unique creatures. Each rabbit is different from one another. Not all time growling will be a sign of aggressiveness. 

Some rabbits growl when they play. They could growl at you or other rabbits as a way of inviting them to play together. 

While playing they could growl also because they enjoy it and it is a sign of having fun. 

How Do You Calm A Growling Rabbit?

Are you finding yourself in a hopeless scenario trying to figure out how to calm your growling aggressive rabbits? Well here are some solutions…

How Do You Calm A Growling Rabbit?

If the rabbit bites or hurts you after growling, show them your bite mark. Try to tell them that they are hurting you. This will show them that you are in pain and chances are they won’t repeat it. 

You have to be careful while cradling or holding them. Holding them incorrectly could be painful for rabbits.

In such cases, you hold them tenderly and make sure you don’t hurt them. Make sure you support the back leg and spine of your rabbit and avoid unnecessary jerking. 

During mating season, rabbits can turn more aggressive towards you or their mate. Getting your rabbits spayed or neutered could be a way to calm them down generally. 

One of the best ways to calm your growling rabbits is by loving and being attentive to them. If they don’t feel loved then they can be aggressive.

In such cases be more loving and caring to them. You can pet them more often and use loving words to reassure them. 

If the rabbit is growling at you, you have to make sure you approach them carefully. You shouldn’t jump on them and startle them.

If you do that, it could make them lunge at you and hurt you. You have to approach slowly and this will calm them down as they understand you mean no harm. 

You have to instruct people who visit you to not jump in and cuddle them right away. This is not preferred by rabbits. They see it as a way of invasion. It is better if new people take their time socializing with the rabbits. 

If your rabbits growl excessively, it is better to take them to the vet for a detailed check-up. Growling could be a sign that they are in pain may be internal.

With patience, care, and love you can easily calm a growling aggressive rabbit by just following the above-given tips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do bunnies Lick?

Bunnies show affection by licking (grooming). You’ll often see pairs of rabbits grooming each other, which demonstrates they have a strong bond.

Why are rabbits buzzing/ honking?

An excited rabbit may make honking/buzzing sounds while circling. This signifies happiness, or when done around another rabbit, it could also signify sexual excitement.

Final Words

It is normal for rabbits to growl as a way of showing anger or fear. It is common in all rabbits. You can calm your rabbits by making sure you don’t invade their space, socializing gradually, seeing they are not in pain, and more. 

In case of excess growling or lunging you have to be careful. Taking your rabbit to the vet will help understand more about aggressiveness.

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