Do you see cats and dogs dressed up in cute clothes? Being a rabbit mom, are you confused if you could do the same for your rabbit? 

Can Rabbits Wear Clothes?

Yes, Rabbits can wear clothes. It is normal for pet owners to dress them up in a tad of fashionable clothes and admire how cute they are. However, a few precautions should be kept in mind before leveling up your rabbit’s fashion. 

It is okay to have doubts regarding your bunny as it will help you become more responsible. And that’s why we are going to help you out with your doubts in this article about rabbits and clothes.

Let’s hop straight in! 


Can I Make My Rabbit Wear Clothes?

Yes yes and yes! You can put on clothes for your rabbits. It’s completely common for rabbit owners to dress their rabbits in cute clothes. 


It is a normal maternal or paternal instinct that you feel towards your rabbits. Besides who doesn’t like to click a few pictures of their rabbits in cute clothes/

However, there are a few precautions you have to follow if you want to dress your rabbit up.

First and foremost you have to make sure that the clothes will fit your rabbit and is not too tight. Tight clothes can prevent your rabbit from moving around easily. 

Your rabbit should be able to breathe in the clothes and should be light. The clothes should not weigh down your rabbit. If the clothes are too tight, it could suffocate the rabbit and give them anxiety, which is not ideal. 

The legs of the rabbit should be free and not covered. The clothes should be comfortable for your furry one, this will leave him or her less confused and more open to trying on stuff.

If he or she isn’t comfortable with the clothing, then you may need to give him or her some space and time to bounce back. If your furry one is happy and content with the clothes, you can let him or her keep them on.

Your rabbit’s comfort should be your number one priority while dressing them up. If they show any signs at all that they are not enjoying it then you should promptly remove the clothes and give them time to adjust to the idea of clothing them. 

We will discuss more how to cloth your furry friend without posing any harm to them… 

How To Put Clothes On A Rabbit?


It’s every rabbit mom’s instinct to cloth their rabbit babies in adorable outfits. But this instinct should not overpower the safety of your rabbit. 

Before directly trying to put on clothes for your rabbit you have to make sure the rabbit gets familiar with the clothing. You can give your rabbit to smell the cloth.

This way the rabbit will get to familiarize itself with the clothing so if you try to put it on the rabbit it won’t come as a shock to the rabbit. 

Bring the cloth near your rabbit and allow them to come near the cloth by themselves. This way you can proceed to cloth your rabbit without jumping on them and they will be comfortable. 

While putting on the garment on your rabbit, you have to be extra gentle and careful. With every step, you have appreciated your rabbit and let them know they are doing a good job. This will make a huge difference in the dressing process. 

Believe it or not, your rabbit can become a fashionista and can decide what to wear and what not to. Sometimes your rabbit will not be comfortable with the idea of wearing new clothes. In such cases, you have to stick to your rabbit’s decision. 

Can Rabbits Wear Hat?

Yes, rabbits can wear hats. There are many cute and rabbit-friendly hats available in the market right now. Many pet stores also sell specially made rabbit rats. 

Hats with ear holes will be more comfortable for the rabbit as they won’t cram up its ears inside the hat.

While making your rabbit wear garments like the hat, you have to make sure you are only putting it on them for a short while to take a picture or see how it looks. You shouldn’t put it on them for a long time as it will make them uncomfortable. 

If the tour rabbit shows any signs that it doesn’t like the hat or tries to throw it away from its head, then immediately remove it from its head and do not force it on the rabbit again. 

How To Make Rabbit Clothes?

Making rabbit clothes are relatively very simple. You can easily make clothes for your furry friend at home. 

There are many DIY rabbit clothes ideas everywhere you look now. You can make clothes for your rabbit out of your clothes. 

Before making any garment you have to measure out your rabbit and especially it is head and neck. If its head gets stuck inside the garment it will lead to a panic in rabbits and we don’t want that at any cost.

While cutting out the garment piece you have to make sure you leave enough cloth for the seam. Measure from the beginning, middle, and end slope of your rabbit’s back to its tummy (middle) or top of the legs (beginning and end slope) and record it.

Sew all of the cutout garments according to your rabbit’s measurement with a needle and thread. And voila you can make easy garments just keeping these in mind. 

Can Bunnies Wear Dog Clothes?

It is not ideally recommended for your rabbits to wear dog clothes as it is way different from rabbit clothes.

But if you have dog clothes that are small enough to be perfect for your rabbit then there’s no issue in using them for your rabbit as well. 

Do Rabbits Like To Wear Clothes?

This is a double-edged question. There is some rabbit that likes to dress up and appreciate it. But some furry friends don’t find wearing garments that amusing. 

Whatever the case, your rabbit’s comfort should be your priority. If your bunny is among those who do not appreciate being handled too often, clothes might be a problem. 

Will Dressing Up My Rabbit Hurt Him?

No dressing up your rabbit won’t necessarily hurt them if you dress them carefully. While dressing them up you have to be slow and steady instead of pacing up the steps.

If you keep a steady hand then it won’t hurt your rabbit. Also, make sure you choose clothes that are perfect for your furry baby. 

Points To Consider While Putting On Clothes On Rabbit!


Every rabbit mom likes to dress up their furry baby and take a few pictures. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to keep a few precautions in your mind while dressing up your furry friend. 

Make sure your rabbit is comfortable. While dressing them you have to do it with love and affection.

You should share a bond with your rabbit before jumping into dressing it up. It’ll be almost impossible to put clothes on a rabbit who is panicking and fighting you.

Make sure the clothes fit. You shouldn’t make your rabbit wear clothes that are too tight or too loose. It will create unnecessary panic in them and is not good. 

Listen to your rabbit. While clothing your rabbit, if your rabbit shows any signs that they are not enjoying it then you have to immediately stop. The signs could be anything from growling or hissing or kicking or running away. 

Do not keep the dress on your rabbit for a long time. Just because your rabbit allows you t dress them up, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Few pictures and then you have to free your rabbit from the garments. 

Make sure the rabbit is not too hot. Too many clothes and layering up is a big NO. this will make it too hot for the rabbit and could suffocate them. 

And most important of all you should never leave your rabbit unsupervised while they are dressed up. Keeping an eye on them means that you can intervene if things go south.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rabbits Wear Collars?

No, rabbits shouldn’t wear collars. They can catch on anything in your rabbit’s environment and could strangle your rabbit. A better option is to get an adjustable harness that doesn’t go around your rabbit’s neck.

Can My Rabbit Wear My Clothes?

No, rabbits shouldn’t wear clothes that haven’t been designed for them. This is because even human baby clothes would be too big and force their body into unnatural positions to fit them.

Final Words

As a rabbit owner, it is only natural that you want to dress up your furry baby. But that shouldn’t cost the comfort of your rabbit. 

Keeping all the safety precautions in your mind it will be easier to dress up your rabbit. 

I hope this article cleared all your doubts about dressing up your rabbit. For more queries, comment down below!


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