Yes, rabbits can eat watercress. Particularly good vegetables include dark leafy greens like romaine lettuce, bok choy, mustard greens, carrot tops, watercress, basil, kohlrabi, beet greens, broccoli greens, and cilantro.

Rabbits can eat this if it is chopped and added with some other veggies, such as romaine lettuce.

The main concern is the amount of watercress being consumed at a time. What amount of watercress can my bunnies eat?

Bunnies need to eat in diet proportions, as a full cup of watercress is enough for a rabbit weighing two pounds.

And if rabbits are consuming it in the right amount, it is very beneficial because it is loaded with vitamin K and vitamin C, while it has moderate to low amounts of vitamins A, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamin E, as well as calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and pantothenic acid or vitamin B5.

Some other questions which people might have are; is watercress safe for rabbits? Can rabbits eat watercress stems? What nutritional value does watercress have for rabbits? How often can they eat watercress?

Let’s read on and find out the answers.

Can Rabbits Eat Watercress

Is Watercress Safe For Rabbits?

Is Watercress Safe For Rabbits

Yes, it is absolutely safe for rabbits. Watercress is high in vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin for rabbits. It also contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, folic acid, riboflavin, and other vitamins.

It is safe until it is consumed in the proper amount because leafy vegetables are good for health.

Watercress has many benefits. Bunnies always need a balanced diet made up mostly of fresh greens and kibble, while certain vegetables can be beneficial for them too!

There are numerous nutritional values such as vitamin A, iron, vitamin B6, calcium, and potassium.

Not all herbs are meant to be completely safe for your bunnies, as they have a very sensitive body that can easily get or catch the disease at any time, and one wrong step can have serious consequences for their health.

Can Rabbits Eat Watercress Stems?

Can Rabbits Eat Watercress Stem

Yes, they can eat watercress stems as well. As this green leafy vegetable is very good for health, its stem is also very good for health. These stems also contain many vitamins and calcium.

But again, it is not good to consume them in a large amounts as rabbits are very particular about their diets and the quantity of food they eat because they have a very weak adapting rate.

Rabbits cannot deal with changes quickly.

They are termed as very social animals who like to explore things outside the world, but when it comes to eating habits, they are very particular because they cannot tolerate many foods.

This results in indigestion and health problems. They have very weak digestion because of the habit of eating everything that is in front of them.

But watercress stems are not harmful to rabbits; they do not cause any health issues for them.

They can eat the stems as they are also full of different minerals.

Does Watercress Have Any Nutritional Value For Rabbits

Yes, of course. Watercress is very nutritious and is very beneficial for your bunny in a great way. It has many loaded vitamins and minerals.

  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • VitaminB6
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin B5

Bunnies can eat watercress; it is safe for them as it is filled with so many nutrients. It is also a green, leafy vegetable, which is always needed for your bunny.

Besides its nutrients, which are very rich in quantity in watercress, rabbits also like its taste. They enjoy eating it.

The most important factor to remember is that rabbits should eat it in moderation. They should not overdo it because it can cause health issues for them like upset stomachs and diarrhea.

How Often Can Rabbits Eat Watercress?

How Often Can Rabbits Eat Watercress

Bunnies need daily supplements so that they can function properly in their bodies, and for this, they need proper minerals and vitamins in time. As a result of their weak immune system, there is no harm if they eat a limited amount of watercress daily. Whether it is a bunny or a human, green leafy vegetables are always good for health.

It is said that a rabbit’s diet should always be supplemented with a variety of leafy green vegetables every day, as green leafy vegetables are good for both humans and rabbits.

Rabbits have weak digestion and can easily get sick because of their weak immune systems, and as such, green vegetables are meant to be a savior for them.

Particularly good green vegetables include dark leafy greens like romaine lettuce, bok choy, mustard greens, carrot tops, watercress, basil, kohlrabi, beet greens, broccoli greens, and cilantro.

Moreover, this herb is safe for bunnies to eat. This herb is safe and provides an excellent variety of many vitamins and proteins.

The main thing which has to be checked by the owner is that they should keep checking on their bunny and that they should not overeat anything that can cause problems for them.

What Happens If My Rabbit Eats Watercress?

Watercress is good for a rabbit’s health. Eating watercress can make rabbits healthier.

As rabbits have weak immune systems, they get easily affected by simple changes in their routine, so green leafy vegetables will be good for them to eat in a limited way so that they can get all the nutrients required for their body to be active and continue their social and exploratory nature.

However, there are some cases where it has been seen that rabbits might develop some of the health problems like diarrhea or swollen eyes after eating too much watercress.

Sometimes they also get respiratory issues. So, there can be problems too if your rabbit is consuming too much watercress at a time.

How To Prepare Watercress For A Rabbit?

It is not a big deal to prepare a watercress for your dear bunny. There are some points which you need to remember before serving them this to eat.

When preparing a watercress for your rabbit, you should make sure that it is washed and clean. There can be many bacteria or chemicals present in the leaves or pesticides and preservatives which are very harmful to bunnies’ health.

Checking leaves before giving them to your bunny is always a wise idea as there can be small insects still present on the plant.

The amount of watercress that a rabbit should consume in a day depends on its size, weight, and age. To lower the risk of any potential health complications, make sure not to give your rabbit too much to eat at a time.

Can Rabbits Eat Watercress Every Day?

Yes, they can eat watercress every day, but the condition is that it should be consumed in a limited amount because nothing is good if taken in an excessive amount.

Rabbits need to consume green leafy vegetables more often to keep their bodies healthy.

As these creatures are easily affected by any kind of change, they should be taken care of more than others. Watercress is highly filled with various types of vitamins and minerals, which are pretty good for your bunny, so intake of these by your ball of fur is beneficial for them only.

There are many leaves, plants, or trees that are not suitable for bunnies. Some are poisonous too and can cause very serious health problems for rabbits.

But at the same time, there are some useful herbs too. This herb is the same and has excellent qualities. So rabbits can eat a limited amount of this every day.

What Are The Signs That A Rabbit Is Unwell When Eating Watercress?

There are some signs by which you can understand that your rabbit is unwell, and for finding the reason, you are the owner of the rabbit with whom they live, so you should know where they are going, with who they are in contact, which can cause problems for them, or what they are eating.

This is important as a pet owner that you should know what your bunny rabbit is eating for the whole day, as their diet should be very particular, so in this way, they need to be checked out for what they are eating from time to time.

If they get sick after eating watercress, then there are some of the symptoms that they will show, like respiratory issues, diarrhea, and swollen eyes.

If you are noticing these kinds of symptoms in your rabbit, then you need to consult a vet for your rabbit immediately so that they can get cured of the problems they are facing in their body.

If they do not get medical treatment on time, then they could develop severe health issues, so it would be a wise decision to get their treatment quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Rabbits Overeat Watercress?

As previously said, watercress is generally safe for rabbits if it is not the sole food they consume; otherwise, their calcium intake may be excessive. This can cause health issues in the long run, so it’s essential to give them various types of hay and grass to reduce the danger of any potential consequences.

What Should I Do If My Rabbits Consume Watercress?

If your rabbits have consumed watercress, you should take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible since the problem might be fairly dangerous if not handled appropriately. With this form of poisoning, your rabbit’s health might swiftly worsen, so it’s essential to act promptly to minimize consequences. Fortunately, most cases of watercress poisoning appear to recover with proper care, however, it’s better to avoid feeding them this herb on a regular basis.


Everything is okay as long as your rabbit is healthy. In the first place, you should know how to take care of your rabbit.

Nothing is more important than that, so you should feed them with the right amount of watercress on a regular basis, because if they consume an excessive amount of watercress, then they can get respiratory issues or diarrhea.

So rabbits’ health is important as they do not get compatible easily with changes.

If you make sure to feed them watercress in the proper amount on a daily basis, then their health should improve over time. As they will get the minerals they need just by eating, they are all healthy and fit to explore, hop and play with others.


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