In forests, rabbits eat different types of foods or eatables for them to wear down their teeth. Pine cones are one of their favorite things to eat.

Rabbits’ teeth grow really well over time, and their teeth are supposed to be the healthiest ones as they grow continuously. As babies grow and they start their teeth to grow, they always get an urge to bite or chew things.

This is the same in rabbits. They will nibble and chew on just about anything to get rid of the sensations that they get during their growth of teeth.

In fact, this situation is more challenging for those bunnies that live indoors as pets. For their owners, this is more challenging.

But is it okay for rabbits to chew on pine cones? What kind of pine cones can they eat? Is it safe for them to eat pine cones? Are all kinds of pine cones safe for them? 

You know how this works, so scroll down and get your answers below.

Can Rabbits Eat Pine Cones

Can Rabbits Chew Pine Cones?

Can Rabbits Chew Pine Cones

Yes, rabbits can chew pine cones. Pine cones work as a natural brush for rabbits’ teeth.

Rabbits really have a nice and continuous growth of their teeth, which is challenging for them sometimes, because overgrown teeth can cause painful dental problems.

Moreover, this can also lead to serious health problems or issues for a rabbit as they have a weak immune system and can get various health issues. In this case, pine cones work as healthy and natural chewy toys for rabbits.

They love to chew or bite things at the time of growth of their teeth, so these pine cones also work as a natural brush for their overgrown teeth.

For those rabbits that live indoors or are pets, they can face many challenges because inside a house of humans, there are not many options for these bunnies to eat, bite, or chew, so the Rabbit House Society refers to dried and cleaned pine cones for these bunnies at the time of their growth of teeth continually.

Dried and clean pine cones are mostly free of any kind of pesticide, which can be an ideal type of toy for rabbits to play with, chew and bite at this stage. This abrasive material is what rabbits need to condition their teeth.

Is It Safe For Rabbits To Eat Pine Cones?

Is It Safe For Rabbits To Eat Pine cones

Pine cones tend to be the natural toys for rabbits to play with when they are in the phase of their overgrowth of teeth. Pine cones are ideal at the time for rabbits.

They love to chew, and this results in a fun element for them that they can play with for hours. Rabbits get an urge to chew and bite something, so if they get something natural that they will love to play with all the time, it would be good and more effective.

Dried and clean pine cones are safe for rabbits to chew as they are free of any pesticides.

Let pine cones soak in the water to remove any kind of sap or bugs that are usually present inside pine trees and get stuck to them.

Place these soaked pine cones on normal paper towels to make them dry and remove the excess water present in them.

After repeating this process two to three times, you will have the perfect clean product needed for your bunny.

So, the result will give bug-free and pesticide-free pine cones to rabbits so that they can enjoy their own time playing and enjoying with them.

Are All Pine Cones Safe For Rabbits?

Are All Pine cones Safe For Rabbits

Not all types of pine cones are completely safe for rabbits to chew or play with during the time that their teeth are overgrown.

Rabbits really have fast and very healthy growth for their teeth.

And this change gives them a curious urge to bite or chew on something to get relief from the sensations they are getting in their gums and teeth.

Pine cones can be toxic too. Some pine cones are painted and mixed with a good amount of pesticides to store them for a long time.

These pesticides are mostly different types of wood preservers, which are used to preserve different types of wood to make sure that they stay in a fresh condition even after a long time.

Those pine cones, which are for decorative purposes only, are very dangerous for your bunny rabbit’s health. It can cause severe health issues for them.

This is the reason that rabbit owners are asked to always buy pine cones that are labeled safe for small animals, which includes rabbits too so that their rabbits are safe.

Sometimes, some wild-collected pine cones can have various harmful bacteria.

There are cases seen where parts of a tree get infected with a disease, which eventually infects the whole tree, causing the bacteria to eat up the tree slowly, spreading different harmful reactions by the bacteria, which can be dangerous for those animals which will consume any part of the tree.

The cones could be carrying harmful chemicals like pesticides.

What Kinds Of Pine Cones Can Rabbits Eat?

According to the House Rabbit Society, they recommend dried and, most importantly, clean pine cones. Pine cones that have been properly dried, cleaned, and are pesticide-free make excellent toys for rabbits, with which they can play all the time if they want.

It is an abrasive substance as a toy for your rabbit’s teeth.

Pine cones are considered the natural brush for rabbits. They are supposed to be the most favorable chewy things during the time when they are at the stage where their teeth get overgrown and they usually try to chew or bite things to get relief from the sensations they get due to their gums and teeth during their continuous growth.

Pine cones, which are free of pesticides, are considered the best for the bunnies to chew or eat. They also act as a play toys for them.

The pine cones are first thoroughly washed and dried and this process is repeated two to three times to make them safe for rabbits as sometimes the trees also catch diseases that can cause bugs and bacteria which can follow the pine cones and they can ultimately cause health issues to rabbits.

How To Clean Pine Cones For Rabbits?

There are several ways to clean pine cones to make them safe for rabbits.

  • At first, removing the dirt or any bugs stuck with the cone will be the initial thing to do. This is not at all time-consuming. It can be done using a small brush and brushing out the entire dirt inside, which is present inside every pine cone. This will be an easy step to do.
  • Soaking the pine cones in warm water will help to remove any bugs that were stuck inside and the leftover dust and any kind of bacteria will be washed away in the water.
  • After soaking in water, it needs to be dried so that it can be used by rabbits. Furthermore, this process needs to be repeated two to three times so that the pine cones can be ready for rabbits to chew and play with.

Is Untreated Pine Cones Safe For Rabbits?

Untreated pinecones are not safe for rabbits to use. There can be many harmful bacteria and chemicals, too, which are mostly pesticides used to preserve wood to be used for a long time.

But these pesticides are not good for the health of rabbits. They can get serious health issues from the consumption of untreated pinecones.

Untreated pinecones can also contain different types of infectious diseases which will come along with the trees or bacteria, as sometimes trees are also affected by bacteria and as hosts, they get badly affected by it.

If these things are not treated before being fed to rabbits, they may develop health issues that are dangerous to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Pine Cones for Rabbits?

There are several benefits of pine cones for rabbits.
They are easy to chew for rabbits.
They are considered natural bushes and will not harm them.
It is healthy and their favorite thing to play with at the time of overgrowth of the teeth.
It is 100 percent organic.


All rabbits have continuously growing teeth and this causes the impulsive desire to get something suitable to chew or bite to get rid of the irritation or itchiness which comes along with growing teeth.

Those rabbits that live in the wild can get many options, but for those who live indoors, this can be a little troublesome for them.

So, rabbits have their own food for this matter. Pine cones, which are also considered a natural toothbrush for them, are 100 percent organic and also easy to bite and chew for rabbits.

 The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be dried and cleaned so that there will not be any kind of harmful chemicals, bugs, bacteria, or preservatives that can cause many severe problems to your bunny rabbit and create health issues.


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