Let’s say that you’re cooking food, and you use olive oil, among other ingredients. But, while cooking you have this thought: If some other animals can have foods with olive oil (or any oil for that matter), can my rabbit have olive oil?

The answer is complicated but simply put, yes, rabbits can eat olive oil. But it is not good for them to have too much olive oil.

You might ask than “how much should olive oil should my rabbit eat?” Rabbits should not have more than a small amount of olive oil. Anything above a tablespoon is not good for them.

And no, your bunny should not have olive oil unless it is necessary, which is in cases of constipation.

You might have other questions, such as; is olive oil safe for rabbits? Is it safe to give my rabbit olive oil for constipation? How to give olive oil to a rabbit? How much olive oil should I give my rabbit? Can I put olive oil on my rabbit’s skin?

You know what to do, so scroll down and get all your answers below.

Can Rabbits Eat Olive Oil

Can Rabbits Consume Olive Oil?

Can Rabbits Consume Olive Oil

You already got the simple answer above, so let’s go into more detail here. While I did say yes, it is not such a simple answer. Yes, they can eat olive oil, but only when it is necessary, as I mentioned above.

So what is the issue with feeding your rabbit a larger quantity?

Some of the issues your rabbit can get are obesity, upset stomach, blockage in the intestines, and some other issues you would not want your dear rabbit to have.

While your rabbit may start enjoying olive oil, it should still be a very rare delicacy for your bunny.

If you are feeding your rabbit olive oil and it gets sick, here are 5 symptoms that they can develop:

  1. Your rabbit may get diarrhea and start vomiting as well
  2. Its appetite might decrease or it might stop eating completely
  3. Your bunny might start having abdominal pains
  4. It might not be as energetic as a rabbit should be, and in fact, your rabbit might become lethargic or listless.
  5. After drinking olive oil, people may experience a reduction in the frequency of their bowel movements, which might indicate that the oil is not being digested effectively.

Is Olive Oil Safe For Rabbits?

Is Olive Oil Safe For Rabbits

Although not harmful to rabbits, olive oil should be avoided as much as possible, even though just one tablespoon of oil per day is quite safe. A relatively small amount of olive oil can be given to a rabbit to ease constipation. Aside from that, a rabbit should not be fed too much oil on a daily basis.

Since we are on the topic of safety, let’s see the issues or problems that can arise by letting your bunny ingest too much olive oil, and even some reasons why olive oil is not healthy for rabbits:

  • Giving your beloved bunny too much oil, including olive oil, can lead to obesity and other health problems, even if they are very active on a regular basis.
  • While there are olive oils that are safe for rabbits to consume, many other varieties might have additional additives which can prove to be harmful to your bunny, so you should be careful with which olive oil your bunny is eating.
  • Because rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, it is critical that they do not consume huge amounts of oil at once as this might irritate their stomachs.
  • If you feed your pet one tablespoon of olive oil, follow that up with plenty of hay and/or leafy greens to eat. If they do not eat after consuming olive oil, it may eventually result in a blockage developing in the intestines.
  • While most oils are okay for bunnies to ingest, oils such as canola and maize oils contain omega-6 fatty acids in higher amounts, which should be avoided by rabbits as much as possible since they can cause health issues if taken in high amounts, and as such, also a reason why rabbits should not consume too much oil at a time.

Is It Safe To Give My Rabbit Olive Oil For Constipation?

Yes. It is completely safe to feed your rabbit olive oil if it is suffering from constipation. You still have to keep in mind that even though it is safe, you should feed your bunny olive oil in small doses. And if you do not notice any effects after the fact, then you should stop feeding it olive oil and instead, take it to the veterinarian.

In some cases, owners will give their bunny friends a teaspoon of olive oil to cure their constipation as a kind of first aid. But if that does not work, then they will consult a vet, who will prescribe a laxative for your distressed friend.

If you are not sure on if you give your bunny olive oil or not while it’s constipated, definitely see a veterinarian first before you feed your bunny some oil.

Check out more details about Rabbit Constipation And How To Treat It?

How To Give A Rabbit Olive Oil?

How To Give A Rabbit Olive Oil

Here are 6 tips for you before you feed olive oil to your rabbit, whether as rare junk food or as a solution for its constipated stomach:

  1. If you want to feed your rabbit a tablespoon of olive oil, the first thing you should check is that your little furry friend is not suffering from any kind of health issues or any issues with their digestive system.
  2. Begin by feeding your rabbit one teaspoon of olive oil at a time to make sure that it does not have any sort of negative reactions.
  3. Instead of pouring the oil over the hay, try feeding the oil by pouring it into a smaller bowl like a shot glass or you could even use a bottle cap.
  4. After your rabbit finishes eating the oil, offer it three tablespoons of hay or leafy greens to compensate for the fatty acids and encourage your bunny to eat more hay and other fibers and healthy food.
  5. If they still do not, divide the oil into two feedings spaced several hours apart rather than giving it all at once.
  6. And finally, make sure that your pet rabbit is eating the right amount of olive oil and absorbing it properly; keep an eye on their excrement for indications of diarrhea.

Now that you know some tips, here are some steps on how you should prepare olive oil for your bunny:

  • Pour out three tablespoons of olive oil if you wish to offer your rabbit a tablespoon.
  • Place three tablespoons of olive oil in a small dish or container and keep it aside at room temperature for about 20 minutes to allow it to become less viscous.
  • Place a plate on top of the tiny dish or container.
  • Show your rabbit the olive oil and let them sniff it. You can even persuade them to take a lick!
  • After that, replace the dish on top of the plate and feed your bunny three tablespoons of hay or leafy greens instead. This will ensure that they are getting the right nutrients rather than just consuming fat.

How Much Olive Oil Should I Give My Rabbit?

Your rabbit now enjoys eating olive oil, and you might want to feed it more as it is still happy, but you should not feed your rabbit too much olive oil.

Just one tablespoon of olive oil per day should be more than enough for them, and you still have to make sure that your little friend is eating hay or leafy greens after the oil so that they get proper nutrition as well.

In cases of constipation, some rabbit owners feed their rabbits a teaspoon of olive oil. But if that does not work, you should definitely go to the vet and get their advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Do If Your Rabbit Falls Sick After Consuming Olive Oil?

If you feel your rabbit has consumed too much olive oil, make sure they have enough fresh hay, water, and leafy greens to eat. To assist in soothing their tummy, you may also offer them three tablespoons of chamomile tea.

What Is The Best Place To Obtain Olive Oil For My Rabbits?

Olive oil is available at any grocery shop or specialized market. You may also order it online and have it delivered to your home. If you are concerned about the potential hazards of consuming significant amounts of heavy oils, you may substitute lighter oils that are higher in monounsaturated fats.

What Are 5 Replacements For Olive Oil?

If you can’t get your hands on olive oil, consider any of these other healthy fats instead:
Coconut Oil
Sunflower Oil
Canola Oil
Avocado Oil
Butter (Has to be unsalted)


While it is safe for rabbits to eat olive oil, it is essential that you do not feed your rabbit too much oil, and when your rabbit does get to eat olive oil, make sure that it is in a small quantity, as I am sure that you are not such a bad owner that you would let your rabbit get health issues and get sick.

Even if you are using olive oil as a treatment for constipation your rabbit is suffering, you have to keep the quantity in mind, and if that does not show you any results at first, do not act as a medical expert and feed your rabbit a second spoon of oil.

Instead, contact your vet and get your rabbit a proper treatment.


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