During the autumn season, the falling of leaves makes us get the enjoyment the last of the pleasures of summer, and when you have your pet rabbit, you will surely think of enjoying nature with it.

But it is never a good decision to bring your bunny for a ramp on the streets filled with leaves at the time of fall, as the leaves can be extremely dangerous for them to play in.

In particular, oak leaves are toxic for rabbits.

It is always good to first check the plant that your rabbit is going to be in contact with because some plants can be toxic to rabbits.

Mold found on autumn leaves is also extremely toxic to rabbits.

You should be very aware of the plants when your bunny is out in nature to explore, especially those which are toxic to rabbits.

After all, this is said, you might have some questions like; what are some reasons to avoid feeding oak leaves to rabbits? How poisonous are oak leaves to rabbits? What are some signs of oak leaf poisoning in my rabbit?

Can Rabbits Eat Oak Leaves

Do Rabbits Eat Oak Tree Leaves?

It is considered toxic and dangerous for rabbits to consume tree leaves, including oak tree leaves.

As per research, they can cause cyanide poisoning in rabbits’ bodies.

Sometimes it is seen that rabbits like to eat oak leaves, which may be for taste, but they don’t have any idea of the symptoms they can develop because of this: how dangerous it can be for them and what effects this step can cause them.

So, at that point, the pet owner should keep an eye on their bunnies and not allow them to continue eating oak leaves.

But those rabbits that live in the wild don’t have anyone to restrict or guide them as to what to do or what to eat. So, in the wild, leaves and sticks are very good for rabbits.

Are Oak Leaves Poisonous To Rabbits?

Are Oak Leaves Poisonous To Rabbits

It has been researched that oak leaves are not good for rabbits’ health, which means rabbits cannot eat oak leaves.

This is because oak leaves are poisonous to them. The reason behind this has to do with cyanide exposure, as rabbits cannot digest oak leaves easily.

They will begin to display symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

It is common for rabbits to take nibbles to see whether or not they like them. In small amounts, it might be a passable option, but too many of these leaves will lead to poisoning.

Oak leaves come from oak trees. This tree is commonly seen in many regions of the world. It is common among rabbits to show interest in these types of leaves, especially oak leaves.

But it is not good for them no matter how much they like these kinds of leaves, how tasty it is for them, or if they have an urge to eat oak leaves in the worst case.

Rabbits are inquisitive animals, and these little animals, which are always ready to explore the world and learn new things of their interest, are always spotted in the hunt for food.

And this search will cause them to eat a variety of leaves, vegetables, and fruits.

Reasons To Avoid Feeding Oak Leaves To Rabbits

Reasons To Avoid Feeding Oak Leaves To Rabbits

Yes, oak leaves are not suitable for rabbits to consume as they can cause health issues if they eat them.

Oak leaves are said to be toxic to bunnies because they contain tannin and quercetin, which can cause gastrointestinal distress in small animals.

Oak leaves are leaves that come from oak trees. They are the deciduous starting foliage of an oak tree.

Actually, oak leaves are toxic for some animals, especially for small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits too. Oak leaves can cause Gastro-Intestinal issues in these small animals.

As these animals only want a good taste, this is the most important thing which matters to them. The rest, don’t check or observe whether the thing they are eating is good for their health or not.

Oak leaves cause gastrointestinal problems, which can cause GI issues in addition to problems in their bodies and can cause several health issues.

It is tough to stop them from eating too many oak leaves, which is common in rabbits as they always want to eat something, especially if the thing tastes good.

So, by consuming a pretty good amount of oak leaves, rabbits can develop weight loss, diarrhea, or even liver disease.

Signs Of Oak Leaf Poisoning In Rabbits

Signs Of Oak Leaf Poisoning In Rabbits

Oak leaves are poisonous for some small cattle or animals, as these animals get stomach issues after consuming oak leaves.

Although there are many such leaves and plants which can be poisonous to small animals, oak leaves are the ones that get everyone’s attention when it comes to taking care of your little bunny.

Oak poisoning is a major problem, and its main reason is the production of livestock in the areas where oak occurs.

There are many symptoms that can be seen in rabbits to know that they have been poisoned by eating oak leaves. These symptoms have been listed below:

  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Bleeding externally or internally
  • Depression
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficult or labored breathing
  • Elevated or low body temperature
  • Hutched posture
  • Intestinal Inflammation
  • Weakness
  • Seizures
  • Pain
  • Mouth irritation
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of appetite for food or water

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rabbits Eat Leaves From Outside?

There is a simple rule that those leafy green vegetables which are safe for humans to eat are also safe for your bunnies too. Rabbits can also eat lettuce, carrot tops, watercress, dandelion greens, and raspberry leaves. These are examples of nutrient-rich greens you can grow in a vegetable garden or for your dear pet bunny. Rabbits who live indoors are basically nibblers. They like to chew on cords, shoes, or on any plant the owner of them will give them or place in front of them to dig in. So the leaves, which the owner is taking as food for them without any harm, are safe for their rabbits too. Many leaves, other than the ones which are safe for both humans and them, can be poisonous and can cause many serious health issues for your bunny.

Do Rabbits Eat Oak?

Yes, if there is an oak farm and you are observing that something is eating your oak seedlings, it is possible that rabbits are the culprits behind this act. Rabbits prefer to feed on spices. They may develop a taste for spices, which explains why rabbits eat spices more frequently. In that case, they also eat oak saplings and acorns if little else is available for them.

Is It Okay For Bunnies To Eat Dry Leaves?

It depends on the tree and the kind of tree. Sometimes rabbits eat both the leaves and bark of a tree. Trees such as apples, hazels, pears, and willows are popular among rabbits and are completely safe, which means your bunnies will not suffer any health problems. There will be no health issues or problems related to their digestion if they are eating dry leaves of trees such as these.

Are Oak Trees Toxic?

Yes, oak trees are toxic for rabbits, although not as much as the leaves. But sometimes rabbits are seen munching on these leaves. Rabbits enjoy the dried-out leaves. But if they are eating less, there is nothing to worry about that. Like those rabbits who live in forests or wild rabbits, they don’t get any guidance on what to eat and what not to eat, so they take care of themselves. They also try new things to eat, and by that only do they get the awareness of which leaves are good and which are not. Moreover, it can sometimes help to get them eating again if they go off feed. Just make sure that the leaves are green and there are no insects or fungus that can affect the rabbits’ health, and also check that they haven’t collected any insects.


Oak leaves are not good for rabbits. In the consumption of these leaves, many problems can occur for bunnies; they may get indigestion, which can cause weakness and many severe health issues for them.

Those rabbits that live in the wild are habitual or, to be precise, get to know by time which is good for them or not.

But for the rabbits that live indoors, need to be taken care of with time as these little balls of fur are meant to be those animals that are known for their social nature and like to explore things in nature with time.

Due to their overgrown teeth, they always want something to chew or to eat, so it is the responsibility of the pet owner to check on them and what they are eating.

The leaves they are enjoying munching are either good for them or not, so it will be a wise idea to always take care of the rabbit’s eating habits, as one wrong food intake can cause any health problems for them.


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