Lavender is a common name for a group of flowering plants in the Lamiaceae family. They belong to the genus Lavandula. It has violet, lilac, or blue blooms.

Lavender plant is native to the Canary Islands, Europe, China, South-west Asia, and southern India. It is used as a culinary herb, as well as for commercial essential oil extraction and decorative reasons.

Yes, rabbits may eat lavender. Lavender is one of the few plants that rabbits may consume without harm. You may offer your rabbit lavender fresh or dried. This will enable them to forage for the tasty bits of lavender.

According to research, lavender may even work as a soothing agent for rabbits. It allows them to rest and unwind.

Even though lavender is harmless and beneficial to rabbits, many of them dislike it. Even when rabbits have access to it, this plant is often left alone in a garden.

This is most likely owing to the prickly texture and pungent aroma of lavender. However, every now and again, you’ll run across a rabbit that isn’t fussy and will eat everything. This may even include lavender.

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender?

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender Plants?

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender Plants?

Yes, rabbits can eat lavender plants. Lavender plants are edible to rabbits and this includes the greens and buds or flowers.

However, lavender is disliked by most rabbits due to its strong smell. Garlic, onions, chives, and leeks are all toxic or hazardous to rabbits.

Lavender plants are high in vitamin A, calcium, iron, and a variety of antioxidants. Limonene, for example, is praised for its capacity to stimulate the release of digestive enzymes. It is released in the liver and may aid in carcinogen detoxification.

If your rabbit likes lavender, offer him a modest quantity. Give him lavender leaves or flower buds sprinkled into their vegetable mix for taste, variety, and texture. Fresh and dry leaves are both safe.

Some rabbits may choose the plant’s leaves over the flower buds owing to their mild aroma. However, others may eat both.

We recommend that you not feed them too much at first. Start with a tiny quantity and see how their stomachs react after a day.

Finally, lavender essential oil isn’t good for rabbits since it contains phytochemicals, including linalyl acetate, linalool, tannins, and caryophyllene. Your little bunny is not going to like it.

Is It Safe For Rabbits To Eat Lavender?

Yes, it is safe for rabbits to eat lavender. Lavender is one of the few plants rabbits may eat without harming them. You may give your rabbit fresh or dried lavender, allowing them to hunt for the edible portions. Lavender may even be a relaxing agent for rabbits, helping them to relax and unwind, according to some research.

Lavender is edible to rabbits. It’s one of the safest, most fragrant bushes you can offer to rabbits. However, it is neither poisonous nor dangerous.

What Part Of Lavender Can Rabbits Eat?

Fresh lavender contains carbohydrates, minerals such as iron and calcium. It also includes vitamins A and C. Furthermore, it contains phytochemicals and antioxidants, particularly limonene. This is known to aid digestion, as well as caffeic acid and other compounds. This makes this plant beneficial to humans.

Rabbits can eat all parts of the lavender plant. This includes the leaves and the flower. Lavender is neither poisonous nor dangerous for rabbits.

However, owing to its strong odor, taste, and prickliness, it is not one of the plants that these animals like. As a result, don’t be shocked if your bunny dislikes this plant.

This is particularly because of its strong aroma and flavor. However, just because your bunny doesn’t like it doesn’t imply it’s unsafe or poisonous. They just despise them.

Do Bunnies Like The Smell Of Lavender?

No, bunnies do not like the smell of lavender. While people appreciate the relaxing aroma of lavender, bunnies dislike it because of the strong odor and harsh discomfort it causes.

Bunnies dislike the strong smell of lavender. Therefore, they do not have any kind of liking for the plant.

Is Lavender Oil Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, lavender oil is safe for rabbits. However, it should be given only in very tiny doses and with a lot of dilution. The tiny quantity of lavender is both safe for you and  your fluffy pet. It is also strong enough to provide the health advantages you need.

Lavender is relaxing and may help rabbits with anxiousness and hyperactivity. It’s also a light antibacterial that may be used to prevent wounds from becoming infected.

How Do I Use Lavender Essential Oil For Rabbits?

How Do I Use Lavender Essential Oil For Rabbits?

When essential oils are diffused or sprayed over the rabbitry, rabbits absorb the oils via their fur. They may benefit from the therapeutic effects.

Lavender essential oils may be used in a variety of ways for rabbits.These are:

1. Misting With Water

This is beneficial for external parasites, odor removal, and cleaning. You can add three drops of lavender and one teaspoon of vegetable glycerine.

Add it in 4 oz pure water. This is to emulsify the oils. Now give it a good shake and mist the rabbit’s hair. Avoid spraying the mixture in your bunny’s face and eyes.

2. Topical Application

For colds, mix one drop lavender oil with 10 ml olive oil. Gently stroke or massage the rabbit’s hair about the chest and back.

To prevent infection and encourage healing, dilute one  drop of lavender in 10 ml of olive oil. Apply the mixture with cotton wool to the afflicted region two times a day.

In order to calm your bunny down, mix one drop of lavender with 10 mL olive oil. Then gently rub or massage the solution on the rabbit’s back and breast hair.

3. Diffusion

In a high-quality diffuser, add 3 drops of lavender and the needed quantity of water.

4. Hydrosol

Instead of using essential oils on rabbits with a lot of concern and care, you can use a milder version of essential oils. The by-product of essential oil distillation is hydrosols. This is often known as floral waters.

A hydrosol is just water that has been naturally perfumed. It includes only a little amount of essential oils’ medicinal powers.

This makes them ideal for using on pets without causing damage to them. Lavender hydrosol, rose water and other essential oils are examples.

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Lavender?

Yes, rabbits can eat dried lavender. However, they may not eat it as rabbits generally dislike their smell.

As previously said, lavender is one of the herbs that rabbits hate. This is why it is used as a bunny repellent plant. As a result, if you have it in your garden, it is unlikely to be damaged by these creatures.

Can Rabbits Eat French Lavender?

One of the most popular little garden plants is lavender. In the summer, the plants produce thick spikes of little tubular blooms with slender and scented leaves.

The plant Lavandula stoechas is also known as French lavender. It’s a fragrant dwarf shrub with thin, greyish leaves. It also has thick, oval heads of little purple flowers. The flowers have a tuft of purple bracts on top.

No, rabbits cannot eat French lavender. Lavandula stoechas is a poisonous plant. It is harmful to a bunny’s health if ingested in large amounts.

Can Rabbits Eat English Lavender?

Can Rabbits Eat English Lavender?

English lavender is typically considered a plant because of its scented leaves and blossoms. It’s a herbaceous perennial with a semi-woody growth style.

It’s often cultivated to generate dried leaves and flowers for sachets and potpourri. It also produces essential oils for sleep aromatherapy. However, it is also a lovely garden plant with brilliant purple flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer.

English lavender adds a splash of color to the garden in the middle of the summer. It is popular in perennial borders, herb gardens, and smell gardens.

No, rabbits cannot eat English lavenders. It is harmful to small pets such as rabbits if consumed in large amounts. Therefore, we recommend that you not feed your bunny English lavenders.

English lavender is normally cultivated outdoors. However, it may survive inside if given at least four hours of strong, direct sunshine every day. It also favors low-humidity, moderate-temperature settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rabbits Eat Marigolds?

Yes, rabbits eat marigolds. They are, however, not your bunnies’ favorite meal. The blooms and leaves are edible but rabbits may detest the plants’ strong fragrance and bitter taste.”

Does Vinegar Keep Rabbits Away?

Yes, vinegar keeps rabbits away. Bitter chemicals like vinegar are often recommended by home gardeners to deter rabbits and other pests. You may soak old corn cobs in vinegar for a few minutes. Then scatter them over the garden’s perimeter to keep wild rabbits away. After a few weeks, resoak them to replenish the vinegar.

Do Coffee Grounds Deter Rabbits?

Yes, coffee grounds deter rabbits. The odor repels rabbits and works for other animals as well. Used coffee grounds may be sprinkled over your plants in order to keep rabbits away.

Final Words

When providing a variety of meals to your rabbits, remember to keep to the proper diet proportions. We recommend that you get the advice of your veterinarian before adding anything new to your rabbit’s diet.

Lavenders are safe for rabbits to consume. However, they should not eat it in large amounts since it may harm their health. After all, it’s your first responsibility to keep your cute pet safe and healthy for as long as possible.

Drop down your doubts and questions regarding your bunny in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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