You’ve probably seen your rabbit snooping around for some of your cat’s catnip. This may happen, especially if your cat manages to leave a tiny amount of catnip on the floor. Your rabbit may come over and get a taste of catnip.

So, you may be thinking, can rabbits eat catnip?

Yes, rabbits can eat catnip. However, it is not necessary that your bunny will like the taste of catnip. The perfume of fragrant plants such as catnip is something rabbits do not desire.

Catnips have a mild aroma that bunnies aren’t very fond of. Therefore, your bunny will generally avoid eating the plant.

In this article, we will inform you about the effects of catnip on rabbits. So, keep reading!

Can Rabbits Eat Catnip?

What Is Catnip?

Catnip is a herb that is a member of the mint family of plants. Cats like this plant because the primary element in catnip, nepetalactone, is attractive to them. The herb catnip may cause cats to smell, lick, and consume it. They may also shake their heads and roll their bodies.

It is possible that your cat may sniff up the catnip. This will activate parts of the brain responsible for controlling emotions and how the cat behaves.

It may seem as if the cat has gotten a little too high. Nevertheless, catmint only has a short-term impact. After the cat has had enough of it, she will move away from the object.

Catnip is also often used as a filler in cat toys as it has a pleasant scent. Catmints are entirely safe for cats to ingest if they consume them in minor quantities.

Is Catnip Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, catnip is safe and entirely harmless for rabbits. However, most bunnies, even wild rabbits, are not very fond of the fragrance of catnip. Rabbits who appreciate a little catnip may benefit from the active element found in the plant. This can help to calm bunnies that are restless or agitated.

As with other kinds of herbs, it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian. Make sure that the use of catnip is healthy for your bunny before using it. If your bunny has never had catnip before, you may start by feeding her a tiny amount of the herb. Keep an eye on your bunny’s actions after that.

We recommend that you contact your veterinarian for help if your rabbit has consumed a significant quantity of catnip by mistake.

Do Rabbits Like Catnip?

Rabbits neither like nor dislike catnip. Fresh catnip may be preferable to your bunny than dried catnip when it comes to giving your rabbit a treat. 

You can grow catnip in your house if you want to offer it as a treat from time to time. Depending on your preference, you can get catnip seeds to cultivate and then grow them inside or outdoors. In any case, you can rest sure that the catnip is entirely safe for both your cat and your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Have Dried Catnip?

Can Rabbits Have Dried Catnip?

Whatever food your rabbit is allowed to ingest, there will always be something you need to be careful of while feeding your rabbit a specific diet. Even though catnips are most often associated with cats, they also impact rabbits.

No, rabbits cannot have dried catnip. Catnip, particularly if it is dried, might have detrimental consequences on your bunny’s health. It has the potential to give your rabbit digestive problems such as diarrhea and stomach ache.

However, if you are eager to introduce catnip to rabbits, start with modest quantities of the herb. Gradually, increase the quantity of the catmint that you offer your bunny. 

Furthermore, dried catnip is concentrated and has distinct flavours. This may be too much for rabbits to take in at once. Your pet will feel anxious and may exhibit negative behaviour. 

Dried catnip may harm your bunny’s physical system. Your bunny may get ill due to high levels of tension and anxiousness they are experiencing.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Catnips To Rabbits?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Catnips To Rabbits?

Anything leafy and green is safe for rabbits to ingest. However, you must ensure that it does not include any toxic components.

There are several health benefits for rabbits eating catnips. Catnips provide a wide range of health advantages for bunnies. Because of the medical properties that this plant contains, it is so popular. Catnips have been shown to soothe rabbits.

In particular, catnips have a strong influence on cats, causing them to react in various ways.

Even while these herbs are perfectly healthy for rabbits to consume, they do not have the same effect on them as catnips do on cats. In this case, if there are any advantages, it should be the fact that this kind of plant is relaxing.

Catnip would make for a tasty mint snack. If your bunny enjoys chewing on mints, catnips may be included in the diet meal as an alternative treatment.

Catmints may have an unpleasant scent. However, after your pets have tried one, you will notice how much they like them.

How Much Catnip Ideal For Rabbits To Consume?

Fresh catnips do not poison rabbits. Therefore, they may consume them. Some rabbits adore this plant, while others are not fond of it.

In any case, any meal that you offer to your pet for the first time should be provided in tiny quantities. Simply provide your bunny with a nibble or two of catnip if you are giving it to them for the first time. Keep an eye and see if their reaction is sufficient. 

If you observe any terrible effects on their health, stop feeding them immediately. We recommend that you seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Does Catnip Affect Rabbits?

Does Catnip Affect Rabbits?

Rabbits may consume catmint which gets its name because this herb attracts two-thirds of cats. This is owing to the presence of nepetalactone, a feline attractant that may cause them to roll, paw, or frisk when consumed.

No, catnip does not affect rabbits negatively. Bunnies are not harmed by the presence of leaves, branches, and flowers of catnip.

Rabbits, however, dislike the mild fragrance of this plant and will prefer to avoid it. They do it with most other fragrant herbs too. It is one of the rabbit-resistant plants, and even wild rabbits are reluctant to graze on it.

If your rabbit likes catmint, give it to your bunny in tiny doses. Chop it up and toss it in with their vegetable mix as a treat.

Catnip has been shown to improve mood while reducing restlessness, uneasiness, and anxiety. It also contains nutrients that are healthy for bunnies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cats Dangerous To Rabbits?

Yes, cats are deadly to rabbits. Cats are predators. Therefore, they are hard-wired to hunt and  prey species such as rabbits and other small rodents.

Is Cat Saliva Toxic To Bunnies?

Cats carry powerful viral “poisons” in their saliva. These are poisonous to rabbits and other tiny animals, making them dangerous predators. Left untreated, a rabbit may get infected from a single puncture wound or scratch. This may lead to death if left untreated.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Rabbit?

If your cat is licking your bunny, it means she is grooming your bunny. It’s a gesture of love and protection for the rabbit. When it comes to creatures they dislike or intend to consume, cats don’t waste time grooming them. Therefore, know that your cat licking your bunny is an act of friendship between them.

Final Words

To summarise, you may offer catnips to rabbits. However, they will not respond in the same way as cats when fed this plant. Green leaves are safe for your pet to ingest as long as you see whether or not they are poisonous to them.

Providing different types of fruits and vegetables in moderation is the key to raising a healthy rabbit. You may be sure that the diversity of fresh and nutritious meals will more than make up for the absence of nutrients in their bodies as a result of this.

We hope that this article has helped you better understand the effects of catnip on your bunny. Drop them in the comment section below if you have any more queries. We will answer them soon.


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