Are you confused about giving cat grass to your furry friend? Are you not sure if it is safe for your little bunny?

Rabbits can eat cat grass. It is perfectly safe for your rabbits to eat as well as delicious. Like with any other treats you have to give it to them in moderation. 

Deciding what food to give and how to give it to your rabbits can be a little hectic. But don’t worry because in this article we will discuss all about cat grass and rabbits. 

Let us hop straight in! 


Can You Give Cat Grass To Rabbits? 

Yes! You can give cat grass to your rabbits and it is completely safe for your rabbits to eat. 

As it is also delicious, rabbits enjoy eating cat grass. You have to make sure that you introduce the grass slowly to your rabbit’s diet if you haven’t given your rabbit grass before. 


Cat grass has good nutritional values. Especially if your pet rabbits remain indoors most time, then it is vital to introduce cat grass into your rabbit’s diet because it will provide many environmental boosters. 

Cat grass is good for your rabbit’s digestive system. Cat grass will prevent parasite infection for your rabbit as it will force the parasite to be expelled out.

Cat grass is packed with many beneficial nutrients. Cat Grass contains Vitamin A, B, and D, Folic Acid, and chlorophyll. 

Cat grass is a grass mixture that is grown from seeds, such as wheat, barley, oats, or rye. It can be grown indoors easily. Just as you would pot any plants, you can grow cat grass too at your own house. 

All you need is a small container and the cat grass seeds for this. You can have to sow the seeds ¼ inch deep in the container with soil. Water the container and keep it in a place with lots of sunlight. You will be able to see the sproutings in 7-10 days. 

Now, wait for a little as the sproutings grow and you can cut your cat grass to feed your furry friends at home. 

Is Cat Grass Safe For Bunnies?

Now this might questions could confuse many rabbit owners because you wouldn’t wanna give anything unsafe to your bunny. Yes! Cat Grass is safe for your rabbits to ingest and they love it as it is a delicious feed. 


You have to make sure that you give the cat grass to your bunnies in moderation. It is important to keep in mind your rabbit’s age before giving them cat grass. Any rabbit over the age of 12 weeks is safe to eat cat grass. 

While introducing cat grass into your rabbit’s diet, you have to do it gradually. As it is packed with nutrients, it is important to stick to the moderations. You can start by giving one or two strips first and then step by step increase the amount of grass. 

You have to first make sure that your rabbit is not reacting badly to the cat grass.

In case your rabbit show any symptoms of not liking the cat grass, you have to immediately stop giving any more cat grass. If the symptoms are bad then you have to seek the help of a vet immediately. 

Do Rabbits Like Cat Grass?

Rabbits enjoy cat grass because it is a delicious addition to their diet. Cat grass is good for your rabbits and keeps them healthy. 


You have to make sure that your rabbits won’t get addicted to the cat grass. Always stick to the preferred amount according to their weight and age while feeding them cat grass. Like any feed, too much can also cause issues in your rabbits. 

Growing and feeding cat grass indoors is safer for your rabbits. Because if you let your rabbits roam free outdoors for grazing, they might come in contact with toxins on grasses. By giving cat grass you can easily avoid it.

Yes, the grass is one of the rabbit’s favorite meals and they enjoy eating them. The grass is safe for rabbits to eat but should be given to them in moderation.

Even though the grass is safe to feed rabbits, that doesn’t mean you should switch them to an entirely grass-based diet overnight. The introduction of grass into your rabbit’s diet should be gradual. 

Fresh grass is denser with nutrients and supplements than dried grass. Feeding your rabbits fresh grass will keep them healthier. 

By eating fresh grass, rabbits can get a lot of the natural water that they need from their diet and won’t need to drink as much from their water bowl. Fresh grass is also great for rabbit dental health. Grass has a coating of silica that it sucks up from the ground around it to create a rough spiky surface. 

If given in an excess amount, grass can cause digestive issues. In such cases, you have to visit your vet immediately. 

What Type Of Grass Do Rabbits Like?

Grass contains many nutritional benefits that are great for your rabbits. Most of the grasses can be fed to the rabbits. 

Rabbits enjoy eating grass from the yard or lawns. But you have to make sure that the grass is not sprayed with insecticides or pesticides. 

Baby rabbits can eat grass when they are 4 months old. Grass contains a high level of fiber. Baby bunnies do not have the specific bacteria to digest grass.

However, you may provide a little amount of grass at the initial stage. Although your bunny may not eat, at least she will be used to it.

Grasses that rabbits do not eat include:

  • English ivy plant
  • Spurge.
  • The Virginia creeper
  • periwinkle 
  • Pachysandra

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Can Baby Rabbits Eat Grass?

Twelve weeks or two weeks after you’ve got your bunny, whichever is later, is a good guide. If your rabbit has had any digestive issues then hold off a little longer.

Can Rabbits Eat Catnip?

You’ll be relieved to learn that catnip is safe for rabbits. Most bunnies don’t like the smell of catnip, even wild rabbits don’t like it. They usually leave it alone. In rabbits that do enjoy a little catnip, the active ingredient in the herb can work to calm bunnies that are restless or nervous.

What Grass Do Rabbits Not Eat?

Groundcovers, Vines, and Grasses Ajuga is a groundcover with a strong aroma and texture that usually deters rabbits. Other ground covers and vines rabbits don’t like include English ivy, Spurge.

Final Words

Cat grass is safe for rabbits to eat and Grass is a great option to include in your rabbit’s diet. It is packed with nutritional benefits. You only have to keep in mind that if your bunny is not used to eating grass then introduce it to them slowly. 

We hope this article solved all your queries about feeding your rabbit cat grass. Comment down if you have any queries. 


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