During the warmer months, it is thrilling and entertaining to allow your rabbit to have greater freedom to explore your backyard. On the other hand, making your outside environment safe and secure for your rabbit might be a bit of a struggle.

While your rabbit is exploring your backyard, he will look around in every direction. This indicates that he will eventually come across a fence. Everyone knows that rabbits can dig under fences. However, you may wonder, do rabbits climb over fences as well?

Yes, rabbits can climb over fences. It’s possible that the rabbit won’t even have to climb. Rabbits can leap over a two-foot-high fence in a single bound. 

They can accomplish this if the barrier is two feet or lower. Even if the obstacle is somewhat higher, a determined rabbit will manage to crawl over it.

In this article, we will inform you all about rabbits’ ability to climb fences. So, keep reading!

Can Rabbits Climb Fences?

Can Rabbits Climb Wire Fences?

Can Rabbits Climb Wire Fences?

Yes, rabbits can climb over wire fences. It is similar to rabbits climbing on trees. To climb halfway up the barrier, the rabbit will have to make a running leap over it. A few more leaps will then be required to complete the task. They will be propelled forward by momentum.

The most significant distinction between fences and trees is that wire fences are easier for paws to grasp. A rabbit may use the gaps in a wire fence as a form of stepladder to go up and down the fence. This implies that they’ll be able to accelerate their ascent at a record speed.

Getting to the top of the fence, on the other hand, is just half of the challenge. You may think, what does a rabbit do after they have scaled the height barrier? 

Rabbits are capable of scaling fences. However, they are incapable of scaling them back down.

If you have an inquisitive rabbit, a wooden fence is preferable to a chain link fence. You’ll still need to use caution, though. A rabbit will be unable to simply scale such a fence, particularly if anti-climb paint has been applied. However, they are capable of chewing through wood if they are determined enough.

Can Rabbits Jump Over Fences?

Yes, rabbits can jump over fences. Generally speaking, rabbits can jump over fences two feet high.

Depending on the conditions, a jackrabbit or cottontail may be able to jump over a twenty-four inch fence to escape. However, in most cases, a two-foot-high fence will keep the average brush rabbit or cottontail out of your yard.

Fences with at least three feet of height between them and the ground are recommended. This prevents terrified rabbits from jumping over low fences.

What Is The Maximum Height That Rabbits Can Jump Over A Garden Fence?

The rabbit is a natural-born jumper. A rabbit’s back legs are physically built for the work at hand, and they are also quite muscular in the process. The amount of force with which they lift themselves off the ground is extremely impressive.

When evading a predator’s clutches or hopping over a garden fence in search of nice food, rabbits make use of this talent. When they believe they are in danger, they may also use their powerful legs to execute a devastating kick.

Adult rabbits have the ability to leap four to five feet straight up if they are given the opportunity to do so. During their first two to three months of life, baby bunnies can only leap two feet. Therefore, rabbits have the ability to easily jump over a garden fence.

Make certain that all fences and rabbit runs are covered in order to prevent your rabbit from fleeing. Keep in mind that free-roaming rabbits may travel at speeds of 25-45 miles per hour. They may also jump up to four to five feet, so be cautious.

How High Should A Fence Be To Keep Out Rabbits?

How High Should A Fence Be To Keep Out Rabbits?

It is necessary for your fence to be at least four to twelve feet high in order to prevent your rabbits from hopping over it. Aside from that, make certain that the fence is made of sturdy plastic or metal. This is so that your rabbits will not be able to nibble through it.

The fence should be driven into the ground at least a foot or two deep. This should be done in order to discourage opportunistic rabbits from tunnelling beneath it.

This is the most effective strategy available to keep rabbits out of the garden. If you have young or tiny plants, you may immediately cover them with chicken wire. This will prevent rabbits from getting to the sensitive foliage. 

Larger plants should be protected by forming a cylinder out of chicken wire that is big enough to prevent animals from accessing the leaves. To get the greatest results, anchor the wire’s edges. The use of bird or deer netting to protect seedlings or young plants is highly recommended. 

Simply drape netting over the plants and secure the edges with staples. Chicken wire with a one-inch or smaller mesh size should be used. The fence around your property should be at least two feet high to prevent rabbits from hopping over it.

Bury the fence at least three to six inches deep and bend the buried section away from plants in order to prevent them from digging beneath. Examine your fence on a regular basis to ensure that rabbits have not gotten through.

What Kind Of Fence Keeps Rabbits Out?

What Kind Of Fence Keeps Rabbits Out?

The types of fence that keep rabbits out are:

1. Barrier Fencing

Keeping rabbits away is best accomplished by installing a 30 to 36 inch high fence. This fence can be made of woven wire with a mesh no greater than 1 inch in diameter. 

It is necessary to bend the bottom end of the wire mesh outward at a 90-degree angle. Then bury it 6 inches deep in the ground to dissuade rabbits from tunnelling under the fence. 

Regular 20-gauge poultry netting supported by pegs may give protection against rabbits for three to five years. It is quite affordable to replace if it is properly maintained. Wire that has been welded will give protection for a longer period of time.

2. Electric Fence

An electric fence may also be used to keep rabbits out of a yard. An electric fence is movable and can be removed and stored when rabbit activity decreases or the growing season comes to an end. Therefore, using an electric fence is very adaptable and useful. 

In order to keep rabbits away, electric wire strands should be placed three inches apart. Place it with hot and ground wires alternated. This should be sufficient to repel the majority of bunnies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How High Of A Fence Do You Need To Keep Rabbits Out?

Generally, your fence needs to be around two feet high in order to keep rabbits out. While protecting against cottontail rabbits, the fence should be two feet high. Meanwhile. when protecting against jackrabbits, the fence should be three feet high.

How Many Blocks High Can Rabbits Jump?

Rabbits can only leap one metre high. This means that a fence or wall will prevent them from getting over. When you have a carrot in your hand, you may train rabbits to come up to you slowly and stay still if you wait patiently.

Can Rabbits Climb Wire Fences?

Yes, rabbits can climb over fences. Climbing wire fences is a natural instinct for rabbits since it is easy for them to get a grip. The majority of farmed rabbits will also run up and down stairs for exercise and amusement. However, if your rabbit is a climber, you should encourage them to continue their behaviour.

Final Words

Rabbits can sprint at a high rate of speed. This ability allows them to leap over four feet on average. Even young rabbits can jump two feet when they are young. 

The only thing you’ll have to consider is whether or not your rabbit will be able to hop or leap over your backyard fence and go away.

We hope this article has been able to answer all your questions regarding bunnies jumping over your fence. If you have any more doubts, drop them in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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