Any pet rabbit owner’s face will light up at the prospect of their bunny rabbit snuggled up warm and comfy under a fleece blanket. Is utilising a fleece or blanket, however, the best option for your bunny?

Yes, you can use fleece bedding for rabbits. For a variety of reasons, rabbit fleece bedding should be considered. However, you don’t need this type of bedding if your rabbit stays inside.

If your rabbit lives outside, though, warm and snug bedding is required. Fleece bedding dries quickly. It’s simple to clean and change, and it’s gentle on their feet, reducing the likelihood of a sore hock or other uncomfortable foot problem.

We strongly advise against buying one with a lot of dust because it can create respiratory or allergy difficulties for your rabbit, as well as concerns for their owners if used inside.

In this article, we will inform you all about the use of fleece bedding for your bunny. So, keep reading!

Can I Use Fleece Bedding For Rabbits?

How To Make Fleece Bedding For Rabbits?

How To Make Fleece Bedding For Rabbits?

You will need the following materials to make a fleece bedding for rabbits:

1. Sewing Machine

Any kind of sewing machine will work. However, you may also stitch by hand. It will take much longer though.  Because the fabric layers thicken, it’s important not to yank the cloth through the machine or the needle may break.

2. Fleece Fabric

Use normal fleece instead of the long pile fabric for simple washing. So that water does not only lie on top of the fleece, wash it multiple times with mild detergent. That’s why vintage fleece is the finest option.

3. Absorbent Fabric

It’s fine to use old cotton towels or beach towels. You will want a lightweight fabric with a lot of absorbency.

4. Waterproof Fabric

The cage lining does not require waterproof fabric. Many individuals just use fleece for the top and bottom layers, or they entirely disregard this layer. The waterproof covering makes it easy to clean the cage or the floor. If you use a dryer, be sure it’s machine washable and dryer compatible.

5. General Sewing Kit

Sewing machine, ruler, tape measure, scissor, pin, thread, and needle.

Sew three or four sides of materials with right sides facing each other. Leave an opening for flipping over. Then stitch the opening shut by folding the raw edge.

Sew a straight line about two inches in from the edge to secure the middle layer. This is so that it retains the shape and does not shift around in the washer.

Measure the space you wish to cover. You may utilise a larger seam allowance than garment stitching because three layers form a thick cloth. It’s also preferable to be somewhat larger than too tiny.

All you need is the ability to stitch straight lines. For added robustness, use a thicker needle and polyester thread. Because of the thickness of the cloth, longer stitches are preferable.

Trim some of the middle absorbent layer or additional fabric if it becomes too thick to stitch around the edge or corner. If you force the cloth through the sewing machine, the machine may be damaged.

Is Fleece A Good Bedding For Rabbits?

Yes, fleece is a good bedding for rabbits. Fleece bedding is incredibly soft and comfortable. While resting on many layers of thick padding, which is effectively the equivalent of a mattress.

If the bedding stretches the whole width and length of the cage, your rabbit will undoubtedly feel good. If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-mess bedding option, fleece fits the bill well.

Keep in mind, though, that while you’ll save money, you’ll be sacrificing time and energy in terms of upkeep. If you pick fleece for your rabbits’ bedding and they aren’t litter trained, you’ll need an underlayer to absorb the urine.

Most pet owners use puppy pads. You won’t need anything extra below if you pick a fleece lining with a waterproof backing.

Are Fleece Blankets Safe For Rabbits?

Are Fleece Blankets Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, fleece blankets are safe for rabbits. They provide a number of advantages:

1. Comfort

Because the fleece wicks away fluids, the surface is constantly dry. This is particularly comfortable for bunnies. It’s also comfortable for rabbits to walk on because it’s warm and soft.

2. Environmental Friendly

Fleece bedding may be washed in the machine and is reusable. For laundry, you just need two to three large liners to rotate. Extra smaller liners / area pads can be placed near the food or litter box in high-traffic areas.

3. Low Cost

If you know how to operate a sewing machine, it’s simple to create. Old fleeces and towels may be recycled around the house.

4. Customization

You may choose any pattern and color of fleece fabric and add absorbent layers. You may also alter the measurements to fit your pet’s room properly.

Will Rabbits Chew On Fleece?

Giving bunnies warm blankets is a fantastic idea, because rabbits like to snuggle with soft textiles when it’s cold outside. They enjoy rolling about and playing with these soft blankets, especially while they are asleep.

The thick and smooth textiles assist to warm the rabbits’ bodies. This allows them to sleep well at night.

Choosing the proper fabric for the rabbit’s blanket is critical. In fact, similar to fleece blankets, there are wonderful fabrics that are ideal for enveloping the complete bodies of rabbits.

Fleece materials are warm, soft, and seamless. This makes them safe to use around rabbits.

Yes, rabbits can chew on fleece. Therefore, giving fabrics to rabbits as blankets should be closely controlled. For one thing, rabbits should avoid materials with microscopic holes since their little feet might become entangled in them.

Getting their feet caught in these holes can lead to accidents, especially if the owner is not around. Another thing to be aware of when the rabbits are covered in blankets is that they may begin to eat the textiles as if they were food, causing them to choke.

Why Is My Rabbit Eating Fleece?

Your rabbit is eating fleece as bunnies have a habit of nibbling and chewing. You could have spotted your pet bun eating a towel or even a piece of clothing that has been left on the floor.

Unfortunately, rabbits are succumbing to their natural curiosity. They are unaware that the item is hazardous to their health.

How Do I Stop My Rabbit From Chewing Fleece?

How Do I Stop My Rabbit From Chewing Fleece?

To guarantee your rabbit’s safety, limit your rabbit’s exposure to harmful textiles. Understanding what motivates it can also assist you avoid engaging in the activity.

You can stop your bunny from chewing on fleece by following these tips:

1. Provide Chew Toys

Giving your rabbit chew toys will satisfy both his boredom and his need to chew. Chew toys come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes. You may, however, make your own. Your bunny will enjoy chewing on grass mats, cardboard from old packaging, etc.

Make sure your rabbit has a selection of chew toys to choose from. This allows your rabbit to jump from one toy to the next without becoming bored.

2. Training

Your rabbit may also be trained to avoid chewing on textiles. In younger rabbits, this is the most successful method. This can be accomplished by overseeing playtime.

Give your rabbit a firm ‘no’ whenever it starts chewing on clothes and focus its attention elsewhere. Instead, give it a chew toy to bite on. This reinforced training will educate it to eat safe items rather than cloth.

3. Repellent Sprays

Rabbit-repellent sprays can be used to get rid of stubborn bunnies. These are readily available in pet shops. Strong scents that rabbits dislike are used in rabbit repellant sprays.

4. Neutering

Your rabbit’s chewing tendency may be reduced if it is spayed or neutered. If your rabbit has an aggressive chewing habit, it will most likely stop after it is neutered. Aside from that, fixed rabbits are less aggressive and have a lower risk of developing reproductive diseases.

Rabbits are prone to stomach problems. They are, however, well-known for gnawing on items they shouldn’t. Rabbit owners who are responsible should keep a watch on their bunnies and ensure that they do not consume fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Bunny Have A Blanket?

Yes, your bunny can have a blanket. Rabbits prefer to sleep on fabrics that are soft and pleasant. However, don’t over-supply your rabbits with blankets since they can fast overheat.

Can Rabbits Have Stuffed Animals?

Because rabbits enjoy tossing plush toys about, you can give them a small stuffed animal toy. They’ll have an easier time dragging it around the home. It should also be composed of light, soft materials so that they may chew on it.

Can I Put A Diaper On My Bunny?

Rabbits can wear bunny diapers. However, they can wear it only for a limited time. Wearing a diaper for too long might create major health problems for your rabbit.

Final Words

Rabbits enjoy snuggling and sleeping on smooth bedding. However, they need careful monitoring and frequent inspection by the owner.

As a pet owner, it’s your obligation to make sure your rabbits receive enough sleep and are kept warm and comfortable, especially as the weather grows cooler.

Fleece is a good material for your bunny bedding. It’s important to strike the perfect balance between keeping them warm with blankets and picking the correct material. As a pet parent, you must make sure that they are as comfortable and healthy as ever.

Drop down your doubts and queries regarding your fluffy bunny’s bedding preferences and problems in the comment section below. We will answer them soon!


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